With the cooler temperatures, now is a great time for preparing your home for fall. Whether you live in Texas, Florida, California, New York, Washington, or Maine, there are specific tasks you will want to get done—like cleaning your wrought iron doors.

For example, in warmer states, where it’s been hot all summer long, the fall is the perfect time to knock out all those tasks you have been putting off like pressure washing the patio, deck, driveway, or siding. In other states, where it snows, the fall is your last chance to get ready before winter arrives and brings freezing temperatures, snow, sleet, and shorter days.

To help you get started making your list of what you need to do to prepare your home for fall and winter, check out these great tips!

1. Clean your wrought iron doors.

Maintaining the appearance of your wrought iron doors is not hard to do. Use a soft, damp cloth, wipe the doors down, and then dry them off. For the glass, spray a cleaning cloth with glass cleaner and wipe the glass. If you notice scratches where the finish has come off, make sure to reseal these with matching paint to keep the door from rusting.

2. Install covers over your gutters.

If you don’t want to have to clean leaves out of the gutters, install covers now. Just make sure to clean them out first. Covers stop large debris from getting into the gutters and clogging up downspouts.

3. Caulk around windows and doors.

Apply new caulking around windows and doors to seal up any air leaks. The fall is the perfect time to do this because it is not too hot or too cold.

4. Change your air conditioning and furnace filters.

Dirty filters will cause your cooling and heating system to work harder and shorten its lifespan.

5. Inspect your roof.

Fix any noticeable damage or leaks. If the roof needs replaced, the fall is the perfect time to install a new roof since it is cooler.

6. Reprogram your thermostat.

Adjust your thermostat to set your preferred temperatures, especially if it has started cooling off.

7. Clean your fireplace.

If you haven’t cleaned your fireplace since last winter, now is a great time to clean it out. Don’t forget to have the chimney cleaned too!

8. Prune trees and shrubs.

Remove any dead branches and excess growth, so branches do not overhang the house and shrubs don’t touch the home.

9. Upgrade to custom iron doors.

If your home does not have wrought iron doors, now is the perfect time to upgrade your exterior doors. Iron doors are injected with high-quality polyurethane foam to provide superior insulation to keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer. When ordering your doors, don’t forget to upgrade the glass to thermal glass for better energy efficiency.

Tokyo Wrought Iron Double Doors

10. Inspect your garage door for air leaks.

Close the garage door while in your garage. Look for any sunlight coming in from around the garage door. If you notice any light coming in, it means you have air leaks. Seal these up to keep the garage warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

11. Clean your patio and patio furniture.

With the cooler weather, now is a good time to do this task. If you won’t be using your patio, make sure to cover the furniture or put it into storage until spring. By taking the time now preparing your home for fall, you will be all set before winter arrives.

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