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About Us

We Produce Quality High End Custom Wrought Iron Doors

“Our workmanship is the best in the business”


The Young Company’s Rich History

The Kapukchyan brothers at Universal Iron Doors prove that potentially uncomplimentary forces are not necessarily bad for business. Sam serves as the general manager and the ultimate salesman, while Marat, is the designer and creative genius behind the wrought iron doors as well as the owner. They complement each other’s opposing personalities, which keeps the company strong, gives it character, and contributes to a successful decade-long partnership.

The young company’s rich history dates back to the 1800s. Marat and Sam are fifth generation of Kapukchyan blacksmiths and have been in the family iron business for over 150 years. The American-based chapter of the Kapukchyan blacksmiths’ journey began 30 years ago when Sam and Marat’s grandparents came to this country from Armenia.

Marat has always had an interest in the art of blacksmithing and started learning the trade as a boy. In 2006, Marat laid the foundation for Universal Iron Doors and Hardware Inc. A year later, Sam joined the business venture, which created a partnership that would expand and flourish for years to come. As time progressed, so did the success of the business.

The creation and quality of our Iron doors

Currently, Universal Iron Doors is located in 8250 Van Nuys Blvd, Panorama City, CA, in a 16,000-square-foot building. This includes the warehouse, where the production process takes place, the office, where the business is run, and the showroom, where the beautiful wrought iron works from the inventory are displayed. Sam runs the office and handles the sales and managerial tasks for the business. Marat helps with the iron doors being delivered, runs the back shop, and creates the designs.


Custom Doors

Welcome your guests with one of our custom wrought iron doors. We have been manufacturing and installing custom doors for a decade with many satisfied clients. Our ability to produce superior iron doors and the consistency of our service are what separate us from the competition. Our custom made iron doors are created to match any design and dimensions you can imagine.


Rough Opening: Dimensions of the opening in the framework of the home that require the installation of a complete door unit (allowing clearance on top and each side for stabilization shims).

Threshold: The bottom sill of the door unit which acts as the bottom of the frame unit. It achieves the water and air barrier that meets with the door sweep.

Transom: A piece of decorative glass placed atop the doorway.

Sidelite: The side panels beside a door, typically filled with glass for decoration and to allow more light.

Inactive Door: In a double door unit, this is the door that has the T-Astragal and the flush bolts. This door will also act as a secondary entrance. It can lock or unlock using the flush bolts to allow the door to swing or not.

Lockset: The complete handle-set with locking system.

Flush Bolt: A bolt that is flush with the face or edge of the door when it retracts.

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