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How Steel Windows Enhance Sustainable Architecture Practices

As the world increasingly embraces environmentally conscious construction solutions, every element of a building's design plays a crucial role in shaping its environmental footprint. Among these elements, the choice of windows holds significant importance. Below, we will explore the realm…

Custom bifold doors by Universal Iron Doors
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The Benefits of Choosing Bifold Doors for Your Kitchen Space

In today’s home design landscape, the kitchen is not just a place for cooking; it’s the heart of the home, where functionality meets aesthetics, and where families gather to share meals and memories. With this evolution, homeowners and designers are…

Modern luxury bathroom from Universal Iron Doors
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2024 Bathroom Design Trends

The world of interior design is constantly evolving, and bathrooms are no exception. As we embrace 2024, several bathroom design trends are emerging, reflecting a blend of comfort, elegance, and modern technology. We will delve into the latest and greatest…

Custom iron bathroom door in a luxury home
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Maximizing Privacy and Style with Iron Bathroom Doors

When it comes to designing a home, privacy and aesthetics go hand in hand, especially in spaces like bathrooms. Incorporating iron bathroom doors is an innovative way to ensure privacy while enhancing the style of your interior. Below we will…

Custom door design by Universal Iron Doors
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Custom vs. Prefab Iron Doors: Choosing the Best for Your Home

When it comes to selecting a door for your home, the decision between a custom iron door and a prefab (prefabricated) iron door is significant. Both options offer distinct advantages and can add a unique charm and security to your…

How to Choose the Right Swing For Your Iron Door Infographic
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A Guide to Choosing the Right Door Swing for Your Custom Iron Design

The door swing of an iron door is more than a functional aspect; it’s an integral part of your home’s character and usability. Choosing between a door that swings inward or outward, and determining the door swing direction—left or right—is…

Luxury home designed using Universal Iron Doors products
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Minimalism vs. Maximalism in Home Design

The world of interior design is rich with diverse styles, each offering a unique way to express personal taste and creativity. Among these, minimalism and maximalism stand out as two prominent design philosophies that have captivated homeowners and designers alike.…

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Incorporate Nature Into Your Home With Bi-Fold Iron Doors

There's an emerging trend in modern architectural design that aims to bridge the divide between the serenity of nature and the comfort of indoor living. Central to this movement is the use of bi-fold iron doors. These are not just…

Custom iron garage door for a coastal home made by Universal Iron Doors
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Choosing the Best Garage Doors for Coastal Areas

Coastal homes are the epitome of beauty, peace, and relaxation. From waking up to the gentle sound of waves to enjoying sunsets on the beach, there’s nothing quite like living by the sea. However, coastal environments present unique challenges when…

Secure home with a custom iron door from Universal Iron Doors
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Home Security Tips for Summer Traveling

Summertime spells vacation for most families. However, while you’re basking in the sun, your home could be at risk. Here are essential home security tips to ensure your property remains a fortress while you enjoy your time away. Install a…

Custom iron French doors from Universal iron doors leading to a beautiful backyard
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Summer Home Projects to Enhance Your Backyard

As the summer months roll on, the thought of stepping outside to bask in the warmth of the sun and enjoy the beauty of nature is captivating. Summer is indeed a great time for outdoor activities, but it's also the…

Industrial style home with a custom door from Universal Iron Doors
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A Guide to Industrial Style Interior Design

Your home should feel like an extension of your taste and personality, and the best way to achieve this is by choosing the right home design. There are dozens of options, from farmhouse and chic to minimalistic, contemporary, and classic.…

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