Thanks to remote work and study, people now spend more time at home. This is why many homeowners are looking to create a more peaceful and harmonious space. Although most people focus on interior design, creating a peaceful exterior design is just as important.

Through Feng Shui, you can accomplish the perfect exterior design for your home without making any major changes. Plus, the best thing about Feng Shui is that it doesn’t require a big budget.

What Is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese practice of creating good energy flow inside your home. Under the principles of this system, every object in your surroundings influences your life, whether small or big. Each element creates and transports energy or chi.

If you want to feel happier while promoting prosperity and positivity at home, Feng Shui is the way to do it. It uses space distribution and natural light to create harmony and peace while keeping your home looking stylish.

Although Feng Shui is more common for interior design, it can also make your outdoor spaces feel calmer and more peaceful.

These are the main benefits of Feng Shui for home exterior designs and entryways:

  • Create a harmonious space that positively impacts your mental health.
  • Promote a positive mindset, making you more productive.
  • Transmit positive energy, energizing your body.
  • Feel more passionate about life.

Tips for a Good Feng Shui Entrance

Here’s how to achieve excellent Feng Shui for entrances, doorways, outdoor spaces, and other exterior areas of your home:

Declutter Your Exterior

One of the best ways to make porches and decks feel more harmonious is to declutter them. Removing everything unnecessary in your daily life is the first step to a more peaceful space.

The next step is more important. You need to take a good look at everything you have outside, from furniture and accessories to greenery and more. If something is making your entryway or outdoor space feel too crowded, remove it.

Creating an unobstructed path from the street to your front door can make all the difference in allowing energy to flow into your home. With the right space distribution, that good energy will flow all day!

Be Strategic with Space Distribution

For a more harmonious exterior area, space distribution is essential. Where you position your outdoor items and accessories to how big they are are all important considerations for your home.

If you have an outdoor area like a porch or a deck, place the furniture against the walls to evoke a feeling of safety. Avoid placing sofas in front of windows or leaving them floating in the middle of the deck, as it can negatively impact energy flow at home.

Think About Natural Light for Your Feng Shui Entryway

Custom Iron door with branches design from Universal Iron Doors

Feng Shui combines space distribution and natural light to create a sense of harmony inside your home. This is why allowing more natural light is so important.

For instance, adding more windows to your home can change its exterior aesthetic while bringing all the benefits of more natural light inside.

Windows are not the only way to create a better-lit environment. You could add skylights or replace your old wooden door with an iron door with glass panels or french windows.

Iron doors with glass panels will illuminate your entryway while changing the look and feel of your porch.

Choose the Appropriate Outdoor Furniture

Whether you choose chairs, couches, or an outdoor table, the right furniture will make your space feel more harmonious and peaceful. Think about color schemes that evoke a sense of relaxation, like white or blue, and select outdoor furniture that uses those colors.

According to Feng Shui, you should only add furniture where you need it. If the items are not making your home feel more peaceful, then it’s better not to add them at all.

Create a Communion with Nature

Adding more greenery to your home’s exterior can also be helpful. Some plants and flowers can make a big difference in creating a more peaceful and enjoyable environment.

Adding more nature to your home’s exterior represents liveliness, renewal, and growth. These three features are necessary for good energy to flow into your life.

Add Wrought Iron Doors for a Feng Shui Doorway

Traditional wood doors prevent the flow of natural light, which directly impacts the flow of good energy into your home. That’s why replacing old doors with wrought iron doors can be such a good idea to improve Feng Shui in your home’s exterior design and interior spaces.

Iron doors are an elegant solution for modern and classic home styles. They are versatile, durable, and provide better security than traditional wood doors. With the right care, you can enjoy your wrought iron front door for generations.

We also recommend adding other iron items and accessories like doorknobs and gates. You can even install a glass garage door with iron frames to enhance even further your home’s natural light.

Find the Perfect Wrought Iron Doors to Feng Shui Your Home Exterior with Universal Iron Doors

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