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How to Spring Clean Your Steel Iron Doors

Spring is almost here and, with it, spring cleaning. Aspects of your home that will benefit from some attention after the winter season are your steel iron doors. In fact, cleaning your metal front doors can make a lot of difference to the look of your home. Here’s how to clean your front door properly for a great first impression every time.

Give It a Good Wash

A proper cleaning begins with mild soap and water. Liquid castile soap is vegetable-based and very gentle. Dish soap also works well, but never use harsh chemicals, which can ruin finishes and react with metal. Mix a teaspoon of soap in two cups of warm water and agitate the mixture a bit until suds form. Then, dip your lint-free cloth into the mixture.

Working from the top down, wipe or scrub to remove any stubborn dirt. There’s no shame in wiping it down again if need be; after all, the goal is to end up with a beautiful front door. Once you’re done washing it, rinse with clean water from a pail or garden hose, whichever is easier. Then, wipe with a soft rag until the door is completely dry.

If You See Rust

Rust is a common occurrence with iron entry doors, especially for those living in coastal areas. The good news is that rust can be eliminated with the right treatment. The only bad news is that rust will spread quickly if left unchecked—but, thanks to this guide, you can make sure that never happens.

Giving your door a once-over now and again to check for rust spots will help you a lot when it’s time to clean. If you haven’t inspected your door for rust lately, take a few minutes for a good look. Rust and paint can be scraped off with a metal wire brush or sandpaper. Once this is done, follow the instructions above to wash your door.

aluminium paint can with white paint and dirty paint brush

Next, you’ll need to cover those spots with rust-inhibiting primer. Wait until your door is completely dry, as allowing water to sit on bare metal will only cause more rust to form. Then, apply the primer with a small paint brush to the spots you previously scraped. The time it takes for the primer to dry will depend on the temperature and level of humidity in your area.

Once your door is dry, apply metal paint and let your door dry for at least two full days before using it. It will be worth the wait when you see your door not only looking like new, but impressing everyone who passes by.

Completely Customizable Iron Doors for Every Home

Can’t get enough wrought iron? Universal Iron Doors offers a wide range of beautifully crafted interior, entry, and metal front doors in so many stunning designs that you might find it hard to choose just one. Bring over 150 years of blacksmithing experience to your home—check our live inventory or start customizing your doors today: 1-818-771-1003.

Custom Pivot Iron Doors

5 Reasons to Use Pivot Doors on Your Next Project

When it comes to remodeling your home, there are many factors to consider, such as what color you’ll paint the walls, the type of wood flooring to install, and even which outlet covers you’ll use. Selecting the style of your entry doors, especially your front door, is an equally important detail when it comes to planning your reconstruction.

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The Benefits of Thermally Broken Doors

If you’re a cautious homeowner who is looking for the best wrought iron doors, in your research, you may have stumbled across the term “thermally broken” before. That sounds bad, right? Usually, the word “broken” has a negative connotation, especially with regards to windows or doors, so it’s understandable if you’re confused (and a bit worried) by this term, but some of the highest quality of metal front doors and windows on the market are “thermally broken.”

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Why Working With A Reputable Iron Door Company Is Important

Iron doors are particularly known for being durable as well as stylish. This is usually the case for most iron doors independent of the company they come from. However, what varies between companies is the quality of durability and style so it is important to use a reputable iron door manufacturer. Here a few reasons why we believe you should use a reputable iron door manufacturer like Universal Iron Doors:


We Guarantee Our Products Will Last

By working with a company like Universal Iron Doors, you as a customer can be confident that the door that you chose will last because we offer a guarantee.

Here is our statement: “Universal Iron Doors guarantees that all artisan iron doors, windows, and other products sold through our website will be free from defect in material and craftsmanship for a one year period after the initial purchase date. Our customer service team will replace any substandard product or parts that have been deemed defective (within one years from the date of sale on the frame of the door, one year on moving parts, one year on glass for any defect on center seal excluding scratches, broken glass, etc.) at UNIVERSAL IRON DOORS INC.’ sole discretion”


We Have Extensive Experience and Utilize the Latest Technique

Technology is always improving and staying up to date with iron-door creation techniques is vitally important to providing the best service. Reputable companies like Universal Iron Doors stay on top of these techniques to insure that our products take advantage of the most recent advancements


They Put Customer Service First

Purchasing a new door can come with many questions and needs. A reputable iron door company is readily available to asset or answer questions. Additionally, they are able to find solutions for your concerns.


The Employees Have Solid Training

Whenever you are requesting a service from a company you want to know that the employees are properly trained. When you work with a reputable company you are able to be confident that the service you requested will be served because employee training is a major focus for said companies.


They Offer Sales and Deals to Save You Money

The best companies want to show their customers that they appreciate the business that you are giving them. For example, offering a discount for purchasing more than one door at once.


Explore Universal Iron Doors Today

Interested in doing business with a reputable iron doors company? Get in touch with Universal Iron Doors. You can get high quality, budget friendly modern iron doors with them. For more information, call on 1-877-366-7713 or fill in their online form for a free quote!

Iron Door Craftsman You Can Trust

When searching for a door, you want something that brings elegance to your home while also providing sturdy, reliable protection. At Universal Iron Doors, our dedicated team creates beautiful iron wrought doors by hand which is clearly apparent in the details provided by superior craftsmanship.

The process of creating your iron door with us is very smooth. Tell us exactly what you want with as many details as you would like. We will take the time to make your vision come true with our amazing customer service that guarantees high quality products. Even if the design you desire is very intricate and requires our top craftsman, we offer the best prices in the industry so that you are able to attain the door that your desire for your home.

We offer free consultations that are a step by step process with our customer service department. We are very transparent with our customers and do not hide any fees for our products. With a plethora of years of experience, we make customer service our priority in order to have satisfied customers and provide the best iron doors.

Contact us or visit our website today!

If you are looking for great custom iron doors that are crafted with attention to quality, get in touch with Universal Iron Doors. You can get high quality, budget friendly modern iron doors with them. For more information, call on 1-877-366-7713 or fill in their online form for a free quote!

Iron Doors vs. Steel Doors

When you are looking for an entrance door, one of your main priorities should be strength to provide security. Two of the best materials for this purpose that provide both strength and durability are iron and steel.


So why should you choose an iron door over a steel door?

To start off, we are not going to deny that steel doors have a plethora of benefits. Steel doors are resistant to weather, offer sound security, and are a great insulator. Additionally, they require little maintenance. A lot of these benefits are very similar to iron doors for they are also durable, secure, insulated, and low maintenance.


So what sets iron door apart from steel doors?

One of the main factors that pushes iron doors over the edge is the fact that there are some downsides to steel. Steel can be easily damaged with dents and scratches that are hard to repair. However, the repairment is essential to maintain the quality of the door. Furthermore, aesthetic wise, steel doors can look industrial and plain.

Additionally another benefit of using an iron door is that it boosts your property’s value. The custom designed look paired with the durability of the iron makes it a profitable addition. Making the choice between an iron door and steel door shouldn’t be too hard after the benefits and disadvantages are laid in front of you. It is very clear the iron doors are the best option due to their superiority in the durability aspect.


Explore Universal Iron Doors Today

If you are looking for great custom iron doors that are crafted with attention to quality, get in touch with Universal Iron Doors. You can get high quality, budget friendly modern iron doors with them. For more information, call on 1-877-366-7713 or fill in their online form for a free quote!

Which Do You Choose? Single Iron Doors or Double Iron Doors?

When it comes to looking for the best doors for your home, iron doors are the best solution due to their strong material. But along with their durability, there are many other benefits for having an iron door in your home. But before you decide to get a custom iron door, you need to decide which iron door is best for you and your home. Here at Universal Iron Doors, we have doors that come in all shapes and sizes. One main element that you will have to decide on is whether you house is suitable for a single or double iron door.  Here are a few factors that will help guide your decision.


How much space do you have in your home for an iron door?

It essentially all comes down to the space that you have available in your home. For example, if you already have a double door, you are going to need to fill that exact same space either with another double iron door or a single iron door with insert sidelights to make up for the extra space.

Other factors that should be taken into account is the amount of space that will be needed for installation. You contractors will need to cut a rough opening of about ¾ inches to make room to install the iron door. Additionally, a doorjamb/ door frame will need to be installed and will take up more space


Can your home accommodate different door shapes?

Here at Universal Iron Doors we have 3 common door shapes: straight top, eyebrow top, and arched top. The straight top is the standard horizontal door top, the eyebrow top is a door with a slightly curved top, and the arched top are doors with a perfectly round top like a half-circle. While all of these designs are beautiful, you will have to take into account the structure of your building because in order to accommodate a unique shape, you property should be a structurally sound building.


Explore Universal Iron Doors Today

If you are looking for great custom iron doors that are crafted with attention to quality, get in touch with Universal Iron Doors. You can get high quality, budget friendly modern iron doors with them. For more information, call on 1-877-366-7713 or fill in their online form for a free quote!


How to Decorate Your Iron Doors This Holiday Season

Wrought iron doors are perfect for decorating during the holidays. They can sturdily hold decorations and provide a beautiful aesthetic to go with your holiday ornamentation. Here are a few holiday decorating ideas that contain accentuating your iron doors with festive decorations.

Iron Door Structure:

In order to decorate iron doors, first, you should assess your entry way so that your decorations complement, not clash with your architecture.

Things you should look at to decorate iron doors:

  1. Is your entryway classically symmetrical
  2. Is your entryway offset with your porch being covered?
  3. Will visitor’s eyes be draw to your front door through a meandering path, dignified cobblestones, or an austere cement walk?


We highly recommend using battery operated LED string lights to decorate iron doors and make it glow with warmth and holiday spirit. In order to make the door look aesthetically pleasing, weave the lights through and around the iron bars of the door.


Wreaths are always a YES when it comes owners wanting to decorate iron doors because they are able to draw attention to your door. From the simple beauty of a natural wreath to an ornamented-kid friendly wreath with fun decorations, wreaths make your home and front door very inviting. Oversized wreaths are also an option for those with a single wide iron door. To accentuate your wreath even more, you can flank the wreath with ribbons woven into the iron bars of the door. For double iron doors, two identical wreaths are appropriate.


Overall we emphasize the importance of simplicity when owners decorate iron doors. Luminaries that line the entryway to your iron door are a great option because they illuminate the entrance to your home without being too overbearing. You can also highlight the arches of your iron doors by creating an ornamental arch of greenery with ribbons to put on top of it. This is the essence of the beauty of iron doors with decorations: they can be the foundation for any decor your wish.

Explore Universal Iron Doors Today

If you are looking for great custom iron doors that are crafted with attention to quality, get in touch with Universal Iron Doors. You can get high quality, budget friendly modern iron doors with them. For more information, call on 1-877-366-7713 or fill in their online form for a free quote!

Los Angeles Iron Doors

#1 Los Angeles Based Iron Door Company

Los Angeles Iron Doors

Looking for Los Angeles iron doors to personalize up your home and make it your own? Looking for something to make your house more impressive and increase its property value? Look no further, for Universal Iron Doors is your answer. Universal Iron Doors creates beautifully-designed iron doors. The high-quality materials, exquisite designs, and skilled ironwork make our iron doors a special unique addition to every home. The iron doors serve as a gateway to your home, and will surely be the envy of everyone in the neighborhood. So what are you waiting for?

Why are iron doors perfect for LA?

Our iron doors are perfect for Los Angeles homes because of a variety of reasons. Our elegant, timeless designs fit well with a variety of different home designs in the Los Angeles area be it in the suburbs, the gorgeous natural environment, or the city. During the summer, Los Angeles is known for getting relatively hot. Our doors are made to keep your home insulated from the heat because they are made from high-quality materials that are resistant to wear and tear. Other weather conditions the doors can withstand are strong winds, rain, and very humid weather.

In addition, the Los Angeles iron doors are made of insulating materials like foam and double-pane glass. The insulating components keep your homes at a comfortable temperature despite the fluctuating temperature outside.

Finally, with a high crime rates, safety is also a major concern for many residents in Los Angeles. Iron doors are very stable and secure, resulting in them discouraging thieves from breaking in. Additionally, most our our designs have glass or wood under the wrought iron designs. While they are not completely indestructible, they are heavy and sturdy, making it very difficult to break or get through. That is why our iron doors are perfect for those who live in Los Angeles.

Other Products

Other than Los Angeles iron doors, we also offer various other products for our Los Angeles customers. Our other products include railings, french doors, garage doors, hardware, and many more.

For more information check out our website at https://www.iwantthatdoor.com/ or contact us at 818.771.1003.

The Universal Iron Door process of creating and installing custom iron doors

 At Universal Iron Doors creating another iron door is not just another job, it’s an art. And with any art, it takes a lot more than just strength to build an iron door. Our quality craftsmanship with beautiful design creates stunning and unique curb appeal for your entries. We will put all of our efforts into creating a unique iron door that fits your personality, whether that be old worn charm or sleek modern lines. Our doors have hinged glass which allow for easy cleaning and ventilation. They also contain polyurethane foam to add insulation. In order to achieve the quality we provide, our doors have sand blasting, zinc coating, anti-corrosive prime, middle coat, top coat, clear coat, and faux finish.

The installation process is equally as careful. A rubber weather stripping is installed around the door frame and around the interior glass frame. Then the door sweep is installed underneath the door. After, up and down extension ball latches are installed on all doors. Finally, every door comes with a standard deadbolt lock.

Here at Universal Iron Doors we are committed to providing the best service so that you are satisfied with our end service. If you are looking for great custom iron doors that are crafted with attention to quality, get in touch with Universal Iron Doors. You can get high quality, budget friendly modern iron doors with them. For more information, call on 1-818-798-2813 or fill in their online form for a free quote!

Los Angeles, California Made Iron Door Company

Iron Entry Front Doors Los Angeles

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Custom Iron Entry Front Doors in California

Specifically in California, demand for wrought iron doors is at an all time high. In California with the beautiful sun shining, iron doors are able to provide provide transparency that allows for natural lighting within a customer’s home. Additionally, security is another main element contributing to the demand for iron doors. While the crime rate in California has significantly declined over the past two years, safety concerns still persist for residents. Iron doors are able to provide Californians the security they desire with a beautiful aesthetic. Finally, with housing prices rising in California, having that extra push that attracts buyers to your property over other properties is essential. By installing an iron door, customers are able to add value to their property that might increase your chances of selling.

The Kapukchyan brothers at Universal Iron Doors prove that potentially uncomplimentary forces are not necessarily bad for business. Sam serves as the general manager and the ultimate salesman, while Marat, is the designer and creative genius behind the wrought iron doors as well as the owner. They complement each other’s opposing personalities, which keeps the company strong, gives it character, and contributes to a successful decade-long partnership.

Marat has always had an interest in the art of blacksmiths and started learning the trade as a boy in California. In 2006, Marat laid the foundation for Universal Iron Doors and Hardware Inc. by investing in a factory in China, where he began manufacturing his iron works. A year later, Sam joined the business venture, which created a partnership that would expand and flourish for years to come. As time progressed, so did the success of the California based business.

If you are looking for great custom iron doors in California that are crafted with attention to quality, get in touch with Universal Iron Doors. You can get high quality, budget friendly modern iron doors with them. For more information, call on 1-877-366-7713 or fill in their online form for a free quote!