The most common door used by robbers to break into homes is the front door. You might think they would want to try opening windows or using the patio door. However, most robbers want to be quick and get into the home without being seen. The front door provides the perfect cover to do so.

Signs Your Front Door Is Not Secure

Sadly, not everyone’s front door security is that good. This makes it much easier for robbers to break into the home. Signs your front door is not secure include:

  1. There is a noticeable gap on the side where the deadbolt and doorknob are installed. If you can see light coming through, or the doorknob and deadbolt don’t go that deep into the door jamb, it is easy to pop the door open using the right tools.
  2. The door frame is damaged or rotting. A thief doesn’t have to worry about picking locks when they can simply push the door down because the frame is not strong.
  3. The front door is not a solid core door. Solid core doors are stronger and sturdier than hollow doors. Hollow doors are weaker, so they are easier to break through.
  4. The door only has a combo doorknob and lock. Combo doorknob and lock designs are easy to pick or to slide something in between the door and jamb to pop the door open. You need to make sure your front door also has at least one deadbolt.

Tips to Improve Your Front Door Security

If your front door security is lacking, you will want to make it more secure by using these great tips:

  1. Upgrade to wrought iron security doors. Iron front doors have a solid core and are strong. The locks used with iron doors are also harder to pick.
  2. Add an extra deadbolt and install bars. It never hurts to have an extra deadbolt on your front door. You can also install bars over the glass to increase door security.
  3. Reinforce the door locks. Make sure you have strike plates and cylinder guards installed on your door and door locks. These items make it harder to pick and pop locks.
  4. Install a peephole if you don’t have glass in your front door. If you have a solid door without any glass features, you need to be able to see out easily without having to open the door.
  5. Check the security on patio doors and other entry doors. Make sure to verify the doors are secure and, if not, upgrade these to wrought iron security doors
  6. Add some security lights with motion sensors. The entrances into the home should be nice and bright when it is dark. Adding security lights will also trigger the lights when someone approaches the doors.

 Saronna Transom Double Entry Iron Doors

Why Iron Front Doors Are the Most Secure

When deciding what type of security doors to purchase, you will want to look at iron front doors. These doors offer the best security for your home for several reasons, including:

  1. Iron front doors provide superior visibility. Thanks to the glass features on the door, you get a better view of the outside.
  2. The ornamental scrollwork on the doors isn’t just for looks. The detailed scrollwork found on iron doors also provides an added layer of security, much like installing iron bars over the windows on your home.
  3. Wrought iron is stronger than steel or fiberglass. There is no denying that iron doors are just stronger and make it harder to break down. They also have a solid core that increases their strength.
  4. Burglars tend to skip over homes with iron front doors. Burglars know how hard it is to break into homes with iron doors. Rather than waste time trying to do so, they tend to skip over these homes and look for easier targets.
  5. Iron doors have better locking mechanisms and security features. The locking mechanisms are embedded into the doors that provide enhanced security which makes them harder to access, pick, and disassemble.

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