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Iron Door Installation Instructions

Universal Iron Doors Installation Instructions


The following instructions apply to all stock configurations of Universal Iron Doors. For additional product information, please contact your Universal Iron Doors representative.

Step 1: Check the framing for correct rough opening measurements: the rough opening measurements should be half an inch bigger than the door measurements all around. Check for finished floor. You may have to build up to achieve needed dimension. Note – the threshold only allows for 1-1/2” buildup. Also check to see if floor is level; typically some shimming is required on one side of the door frame or the other. When installing the door jamb, spread silicone on the floor under where the sill will sit to seal the threshold. Lay still into place.

Image #1

Step 2: Check framing to insure it will be secure enough so there is no movement in the door after the installation. Your door installation is only as good as what you bolt to.

Image #2

Step 3: Set the frame centered in the opening without the door(s). Put nails of the holes of the top brackets to hold the frame in place.

Step 4: Remove the glass from the doors to lighten the weight of the door.

Step 5: Lay the doors down on a set of horses and install door shoes with the screws provided in the Touch Up Kit.

Step 6: Grease the hinges. With two people, bring the door to the door jamb. One person should look at the top hinge and the second person should look at the bottom hinge, and slide the door into place. Make sure to place both hinges into place at the same time.

Step 7: Repeat steps 3-5 for the second door [if applicable].

Step 8: Close both doors and level both doors together. The jamb can bend. Once the door is plump and all the reveals are even, shim. Install 3/8” x 3” hex head lag bolts.

Image #3

Step 9: Touch Up paint kit is provided to repair any scratches or dings that may have occurred during shipping, installation, and/or wear and tear.

Step 10: Installation is now complete.

Image #4NOTE:

Iron doors are very strong, durable heavy products. These doors may require some additional pressure to close and latch until the fresh weather-stripping becomes acclimated to the frame and panel(s). If additional adjustments are needed to the panels to ensure even margins, take a small piece  of composite decking (or similar) and gently wedge between the two panels. Close the two panels until pressure is applied and then check margins. Repeat if necessary.


Touch Up Paint Instructions

Video on how to touch up a door with our Touch Up Kit:
How To Touch Up A Door by Universal Iron Doors on YouTube.

What’s included?

• Faux Paint (Copper)

• Brush

• Bondo

• Instructions

• Sand paper

Recommended Tools and Supplies. 

• Gloves and eye-protection

• 220 grit Wet/Dry sandpaper

• Sanding block

• 5oz Glazing & Spot Filler (Bondo)

• Masking tape

Use lacquer thinner or acetone to clean the plastic spreader and the brush.


The paint and filler fumes are toxic. Use high quality respirator, gloves and eye-protection.

Sanding masks may not provide adequate protection. Perform the following work in a well-ventilated area.

Tip! The final finish you will produce is only as good as the surface preparation, we recommend spending adequate time in preparing the surface.



Step 1: Sand the damaged area with 220 grit sand paper to remove the damaged paint layer.

Step 2: Clean the area with a towel to remove dirt, dust and/or grease.

Step 3: (When Needed) Apply a thin layer of Bondo Filler with a plastic spreader. 1-2 layers may be required so wait 20-30 minutes for each layer to dry.

Step 4: (When Needed) Sand the filler until the surface is level.

Step 5: Clean the area with a towel.

Step 6: Make sure that you mask off all areas that you do not want to spray the paint, especially the glass panel.

Step 7: Spray the base Black paint, covering the entire filler area and slightly overlapping the current finish. Allow to dry 2 minutes and spray another layer. Spray 3 layers. Before proceeding to the next step, wait 2-3 hours until the paint is cured. For Absolute Black finish, this is the last step. For other finishes, see next step.

Step 8: Dip only the tip of a brush into the Copper Powder or Gold Powder can. Brush the tip of the brush on a piece of cardboard paper until the brush is extremely dry.

Step 9: Brush the paint gently over the black paint. Make long strokes for Oil Rubbed Bronze finish. Make blotched/dapped strokes for other finishes. If the Copper or Gold paint is too bright, the brush is not dry enough.

Flat Protective EnamelDISCLAIMER: Because we are not allowed by law to ship spray cans, we have included a photo and barcode for Black Rust-Oleum spray can. This is only for the black base paint. The copper  paint is to be applied using a paint brush.                                                     

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