thin black iron framed pivot front door

What Are Pivot Doors?

One of the bigger trends in architecture and home design in recent years is the modernization of the pivot door. Pivot doors, unlike standard swing or sliding doors, offer a unique mechanism that is both functional and beautiful. Iron entry doors that pivot rotate from either the center of the door or are offset, and they are quite striking. This central or side pivot point, rather than side hinges, allows for stunning architectural and practical design choices.

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4 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Custom Iron Doors from Us

Getting custom iron doors made can be a task, but if you are working with the right people, there should be no problems at all. At Universal Iron Doors, we take great pride in providing you with customized iron doors that add to the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Whether you want them for your exterior or the interior, getting custom iron doors is a feasible solution for you. Don’t just take our word for it; take a look at a few major reasons why you should get your custom iron doors from us.

1.    Engineered to Perfection

At Universal Iron Doors, we take great pride in providing you with the best quality. From the frame of the door to the detailed design, we focus on each and every element. The end result is a custom iron door that is engineered to perfection and is a valuable addition to your home. We also work in coordination with you to ensure that the end result meets all your expectations.

2.    Crafted with Experience

Universal Iron Doors is run by a team of experienced experts who understand the intricacies and difficulties of crafting with iron and other metals. Universal Iron Doors is run by the Kapukchyan brothers. As fifth generation blacksmiths, their skill in crafting iron doors is unmatched. Their family has been in the iron industry for over 150 years. Since 2006, Universal Iron Doors has been crafting and producing custom iron doors for their clientele.

3.    Shipping to All States

Focusing on making it easier to get quality custom iron doors, Universal Iron Doors offers shipping options in 50 states in the US. With this option, you can easily pick and choose different doors and designs delivered to your doorstop. We also focus on expediting delivery by ensuring next day shipping. Based on your requirements for a custom iron door though, this might not always be possible, but we do our best to consistently deliver.

4.    Budget Friendly and Affordable

Getting a custom iron door can be costly, but we make things easier by offering amazing discounts and more that allow you to get the door at an affordable rate. Our attention to detail and high quality materials ensure that even with a lower price tag, you are getting a product that is superior in terms of design, quality and aesthetics.

Get a Free Consultation!

If you are looking for great custom iron doors that are crafted with attention to quality, get in touch with Universal Iron Doors. You can get high quality, budget friendly modern iron doors with them. For more information, call on 1-877-366-7713 or fill in their online form for a free quote!

Ohio Iron Doors

Ohio Iron Door Company

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Wrought Iron Entry Front Door Company in Ohio

Looking for Ohio Iron doors to spruce up your home? Looking for something to make your house more impressive? Look no further, for Universal Iron Doors is your answer.

Universal Iron Doors create beautifully-designed iron doors. The high-quality materials, exquisite designs, and skilled ironwork make our iron doors a special addition to every home. The iron doors serve as a gateway to your home, and will surely be the envy of everyone in the neighborhood. So what are you waiting for?

Iron Doors Perfect for Ohio

Our iron doors are perfect for Ohio because of a lot of reasons. The elegant, timeless designs fit well with the Ohio landscape, be it the peaceful suburbs, the gorgeous natural environment, or the cities. Ohio is famous for its extremely cold winters and hot summers. Our doors are made to withstand Ohio’s extreme weather because it is made from high-quality materials that are resistant to wear and tear. The doors can also withstand strong winds, rain, and very humid weather.

In addition, the Ohio iron doors are made of insulating materials like foam and double-pane glass. The insulating components keep your homes at a comfortable temperature despite the intense weather outside. That is why our iron doors are perfect for those who live in Ohio.

Shipping for Ohio Iron Doors

Universal Iron Doors ship nationwide, and that includes Ohio. Our Ohio iron doors are delivered directly to your homes by owner-operated trucks. We do not take the doors to warehouses where constant loading and unloading increase the risk for damage. We want to deliver our doors in a perfect condition because customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us.

Other Products

Other than Ohio iron doors, we also offer various other products for our Ohio customers. Our other products include railings, french doors, garage doors, hardware, and many more.

Missouri Iron Doors

Universal Custom Iron Doors in Missouri

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Iron Doors for your Dream House

You already have an idea on what your dream house looks like. Maybe it is big and spacious, surrounded by a beautiful garden. Maybe it is cozy and homey, with a porch surrounded by flowers. Or maybe it is elegant and timeless. Whatever your dream house looks like, it can benefit from having iron doors.

Universal Iron Doors provide the highest-quality iron doors that gives a special touch to your homes. Our various designs make sure that we have something to suit different people’s tastes. The iron doors will surely impress anyone who sees your home.

Why Get Iron Doors for your Missouri Home

Our iron doors are perfect for those living in the beautiful Missouri state. Missouri is a place with intense weather, from freezing-cold winters to hot summers. That is why our doors, which are made from insulating materials, are perfect for Missouri. Missouri iron doors need to be able to keep your home’s temperature at comfortable levels despite the extreme weather outside.

In addition, our iron doors are very sturdy. As a result, they can withstand extreme weather without wearing down.

Shipping for Missouri Iron Doors

We ship our iron doors nationwide, and that includes the state of Missouri. We take protective measures to ensure that our doors arrive in perfect quality and condition. Universal Iron Doors hire owner-operated trucks to deliver the doors directly to buyers’ homes. That way, the doors will not stay in a warehouse where constant loading and unloading increase the probability of damage. We put our customers’ satisfaction above everything else, and that is why we care so much about preserving quality.

Other Products

Missouri iron doors are not the only products that we offer. We also have other products including french doors, garage doors, railings, hardware, and many more.

Iron Doors Washington DC

Iron Doors in Washington DC

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Iron Doors for your Dream Home in Washington DC

You’ve always known what your dream house looks like. You’ve always known what kind of home you want: elegant, timeless, magnificent, luxurious. Maybe you already have that house, but maybe you want to add something more to it. Maybe you want to make it more special.

That’s where Universal Iron Doors come in. Our high-quality and beautifully designed iron doors make the perfect gateway for your homes. Our iron doors show your house’s beauty to the rest of the world while protecting your private life within. The doors’ intricate design, high quality materials, and impeccable ironwork will surely be the envy of everyone who sees it.

Why our Iron Doors are Perfect for Washington DC

For those of you who live in Washington DC, our iron doors are perfect for you. Washington DC is a city full of power and importance, and what better captures that than our majestic iron doors? Our iron doors fit with Washington DC’s character by making your house look impressive and beautiful at the same time.

In addition, our iron doors are perfect for the intense Washington DC weather. The doors are built with insulating materials, which regulates temperature within the house to keep it mild despite Washington DC’s freezing winters and scorching summers. Our iron doors are also very sturdy, making them resilient to extreme weather conditions.

Shipping for Iron Doors Washington DC

Universal Iron Doors ship products nationwide, including Washington DC. To protect the quality of the doors, we hire owner-operated trucks to deliver the products. These drivers pick up the doors and take them directly to our customers. We want to make sure that the doors do not go to a warehouse where they can be loaded and unloaded many times, thus leading to a greater chance of damage. Quality is of the utmost importance to us, and our shipping method to Washington DC and nationwide proves that.

Other Services for Washington DC

Other than iron doors Washington DC clients can expect products such as French doors, railings, garage doors, railings, iron gates, hardware, and more.

Palazzo Round Top Iron Doors

Universal Iron Doors: Durability and Beauty Go Hand in Hand

Do you know what is the first thing people notice, when they walk into your house? It is always your

front doors.

First impressions last a lifetime and making the best first impression is essential. So are you looking to

change the doors in your current house? Or do you have a new house that you’re still choosing the

doors for? Why not choose iron doors for your current or new house?

What are the benefits of having an Iron Door?

When you are renovating your house, or when you buy a new house, it is always difficult to decide on

any one option for so many rooms. Doors are always one of the most difficult tasks to choose due to the

large variety of styles of doors, colors, and materials available.

If you are looking for a door that will withstand wear and tear through the years, while retaining its

beauty, then purchasing and fitting an iron door into your house will be the most suitable option for

you. It will also be a decision that you will never regret later on.

Some of the advantages of having iron doors in your house are:

Better Security and Safety

Security is always a significant factor for every house and your doors must always be strong and must

always be locked. A custom iron door is a heavy and durable boundary that protects your house from

any trespassers. Due to the fact that the door is so substantial, especially if you get it in a gauge style,

burglars will think twice before even trying to trespass on your land.

Engraved Beauty

Iron doors are usually handcrafted and very unique and elegant in style. There are many designs to

choose from, including endless curves, angles, abstract designs and shapes that can be made onto your

door. It is up to you to choose what suits your house and your lifestyle.

iron doors

Extra Durability

An iron door will last you many years depending on the kind of weather you live in. Nevertheless, a

custom iron door that is infused with steel can endure any of harsh conditions that it is faced with. Our

Iron Doors are customized as per your taste, durability and to satisfy you with the highest quality of


Types of Iron Doors

Universal Iron Doors is an iron door company that is being run by two brothers who have successfully

managed to keep the company going strong for over a decade. We provide a vast range of custom iron

doors as well as French iron doors. Here, you will find a list of just some of the variety of iron doors that

we offer:

 Alexandra Eye Topalexandra

Bellagio Square Top

Crystalina Eyebrow Top

Diamond 2 Square Top

Fontana Square Top