More often than not, homeowners wish they could change something about their homes, but they never get around to it. Between tight budgets, time constraints, and other responsibilities, many people forget about their dream home and settle for what they have.

However, if you are not ready to settle, you’ve come to the right place! You can give your home minor and major changes this year to make it feel revitalized and refreshed. From working on its green areas to adding some smart features, the new year is the best time to get the home of your dreams!

5 Refresh Home Improvements for 2023

Here are some of the best ways to freshen up your home for the new year:

1. Upgrade Your Front Door

front iron door

No home improvement project is complete without enhancing your home’s curb appeal. For instance, replacing old doors and windows can make your home feel new while increasing its resale value and overall elegance.

When replacing outdated doors, there’s no better choice than iron doors. These doors are the perfect combination of safety, style, and functionality. From offering better energy efficiency for your home to their timeless designs, wrought iron doors are perfect for a fresh curb appeal!

If you choose iron doors, you can also make iron your home’s new theme. Complement your brand-new door with iron windows, railings, and hardware for a more cohesive aesthetic.

2. Change Your Home’s Colors

The right color palette can make your home look more contemporary, rustic, chic, or industrial. Plus, picking a new color palette can be an affordable option for making your home look and feel fresh.

When combining colors, it’s essential to keep a balance between each color. The 60-30-10 rule can help you achieve that.

Choose a primary color and make it 60% of your home, such as the walls. Then use a complementary color for 30% like the furniture. The remaining 10% should be your finishes and accents, including throw pillows and artwork.

3. Improve Natural Lighting

A lighting upgrade is another perfect choice to help your home feel fresher. This can be a minor upgrade like adding more light bulbs to your halls and rooms. Or it can be something bigger like installing more windows to create better natural lighting.

Increasing natural lighting in your home is the perfect way to make a small space feel bigger without making major structural changes. Additionally, natural lighting translates into increased resale value.

4. Focus on Landscaping

Another affordable change you can make to help your home feel fresher is a complete revamp of your landscaping. This can be as easy as adding more greenery and changing some outdoor furniture. Or it can be a major change, depending on your budget.

You might add a deck or pergola to the bigger outdoor areas. You could also place some trees and bushes around to increase your home’s outdoor privacy.

Alternatively, you can even create your own vegetable garden. However, add only vegetables, plants, and trees that can grow naturally in your area.

5. Smart Home Upgrades

Smart homes are all the rage, and there’s a good reason. Imagine controlling your home’s blinds, lights, and background music with just one touch. That’s what a smart home upgrade offers to homeowners.

For this home improvement project, you’ll need to add smart lights, blinds, speakers, and other electronic devices. However, the most important thing to install is a smart home device like Alexa or Apple’s HomePod. It will allow you to manage every aspect of your home from your smartphone, even when you are not physically there.

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