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What if it does not fit because I measured wrong?

We follow our process of measuring multiple times a day and have never had any problems with a door not fitting. Since 95% of doors are standard sizes we will know immediately if you gave us a correct measurement. If we install the doors we guarantee our installations and once we get your order placed and have the 30% deposit we can have our installers come by to do a final measurement.

Can someone come measure and give me a quote?

First I ask where they live and if they are close by then I agree to come measure. If they are to far then I say, it is really simple to measure because all we need is the width and height, if you have a measuring tape I can walk you through it right now, if not home then I ask for them to take a picture of the door from the outside and inside of the house so I can put lines where exactly I need them to measure and explain it in words as well. And since we charge by size, once I have those dimensions I can give you an accurate quote right away.

Is this the best price you can do?

Yes these prices are the lowest in the country, and instead of giving you a higher price and going back a forth negotiating, we give you the lowest possible price right away. We are one of the top distributors of iron doors in the country and sell doors to all 50 states and much of our business comes from referrals because people love the quality and price so much they send there friends and neighbors our way.

Why is shipping so much, other places are doing it for free?

We hire owner operated truck to drop ship your door. This way they come pick up the door and we load it up and they take it straight to you. The door does not exchange hands and does not go to a ware house to be unloaded and loaded many times causing a much greater chance something could be damaged. There are delivery services that might be 100-200 less but I cannot guarantee the door will arrive undamaged because of the prior experience we have with these companies. Trust me it is not worth it and our prices comes from what we are charged, we do not make a cent off the delivery fee it goes to the truck companies.

What if I get the door and it is damaged?

We have hundreds of doors delivered every month and 99 out of 100 times everything comes perfectly. When the door arrives make sure you check it before the driver leaves. If that is not possible then tell me immediately if you see any damages before the door is installed and I will make sure to find someone in your area to come fix it on me.

Why does it take so long to make the doors?

Each custom iron door is made by a person, and not just stamped out by machines. All our iron doors are one of a kind and beautiful pieces of art that require some time to make. We also take many orders every day and cannot start building your door immediately due to the amount of doors we have on order before yours. If you need the door sooner I can definitely accommodate you by making it here in my shop but the price will be higher.

How do these doors hold up in extremely cold weather & very hot weather?

Our wrought iron doors are in some of the hottest and coldest climates in the USA. They are insulated with foam and the glass is also dual pane tempered with a low unrated E factor so it is also insulated. We have never gotten a complaint about a custom iron door freezing or having any issues due to the cold weather just make sure you don’t have any heat blowing directly on the door. And if your in a hot area you also have nothing to worry about, with anything sitting under the sun the outside of the door might get a little hot but you will not feel any heat on the inside. Plus you will have a 3-year finish warranty on the door.

Why is the installation so much especially on single doors?

A full installation covers all aspects of the install and usually takes an entire work day to complete. First the installers have to remove the old doors and jambs. Then they  will need to install the new jambs, hang the iron doors and adjust everything. They also replace all of your interior moldings with new ones to match the color of the door and if necessary, they can match the outside as well. Our Delivery team can also haul your old doors away. Once finished you are going to love your new front iron door and trust me, all of your neighbors will come knocking to find out where you got it.

How heavy are the doors and concerned about difficulty to open for kids and elderly?

You have nothing to worry about when it comes to the weight because you will not be able to feel it. We use 2 custom made pin hinges on each of the doors, and each one of the hinges can hold up to 1000lbs which is not nearly as much as the doors weigh. It will be heavier than a wood door but not enough to were it will be difficult to open and close the doors. Once everything is installed and leveled you wont even know the doors are heavy because of how strong the hinges are.

How do I put my door sweeps on?

Door sweeps must be screwed on with self-tapping before you put the door on the hinge.

How many people do I need to install it?

2 people can install the door.

What are the lock specs?

Tubular Entry Sets

  • Standard Door Prep 5-1/2″ Center-to-Center
  • Specify 2-3/4″ backset if required
  • Lock for 2” thick door
  • No Lever can be used, Must use a Knob.

Mortise Lock

  • Specify 2-3/4″ backset if required
  • Lock for 2” thick door
  • No Lever can be used, Must use a Knob.

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