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The Six Most Famous Steel Iron Structures in The World

While steel and iron may not come to mind first when thinking about beauty and innovation, modern architecture has embraced this material as not just the skeletal structure of a building, but the unique look that defines it. Designers today are incorporating more steel and iron materials into their home design, including wrought iron doors and sleek steel panels. Here are six of the most well-known and inspiring steel iron structures to get your creativity going.

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What Are Pivot Doors?

One of the bigger trends in architecture and home design in recent years is the modernization of the pivot door. Pivot doors, unlike standard swing or sliding doors, offer a unique mechanism that is both functional and beautiful. Iron entry doors that pivot rotate from either the center of the door or are offset, and they are quite striking. This central or side pivot point, rather than side hinges, allows for stunning architectural and practical design choices.

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Custom Iron Front Entryway French Doors

How to Ensure Your French Doors Are Secure

Where it comes to adding class and timeless elegance to your home, french doors most definitely fit the bill, but where it comes to securing them, extra precautions need to be taken. Their hinges, panes of glass, and high visibility can all make them a quick and easy entry option for burglars. However, don’t give up on this beautiful feature before checking out these many ways to make iron french doors more secure.

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How to Spring Clean Your Steel Iron Doors

Spring is almost here and, with it, spring cleaning. Aspects of your home that will benefit from some attention after the winter season are your steel iron doors. In fact, cleaning your metal front doors can make a lot of difference to the look of your home. Here’s how to clean your front door properly for a great first impression every time.

Give It a Good Wash

A proper cleaning begins with mild soap and water. Liquid castile soap is vegetable-based and very gentle. Dish soap also works well, but never use harsh chemicals, which can ruin finishes and react with metal. Mix a teaspoon of soap in two cups of warm water and agitate the mixture a bit until suds form. Then, dip your lint-free cloth into the mixture.

Working from the top down, wipe or scrub to remove any stubborn dirt. There’s no shame in wiping it down again if need be; after all, the goal is to end up with a beautiful front door. Once you’re done washing it, rinse with clean water from a pail or garden hose, whichever is easier. Then, wipe with a soft rag until the door is completely dry.

If You See Rust

Rust is a common occurrence with iron entry doors, especially for those living in coastal areas. The good news is that rust can be eliminated with the right treatment. The only bad news is that rust will spread quickly if left unchecked—but, thanks to this guide, you can make sure that never happens.

Giving your door a once-over now and again to check for rust spots will help you a lot when it’s time to clean. If you haven’t inspected your door for rust lately, take a few minutes for a good look. Rust and paint can be scraped off with a metal wire brush or sandpaper. Once this is done, follow the instructions above to wash your door.

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Next, you’ll need to cover those spots with rust-inhibiting primer. Wait until your door is completely dry, as allowing water to sit on bare metal will only cause more rust to form. Then, apply the primer with a small paint brush to the spots you previously scraped. The time it takes for the primer to dry will depend on the temperature and level of humidity in your area.

Once your door is dry, apply metal paint and let your door dry for at least two full days before using it. It will be worth the wait when you see your door not only looking like new, but impressing everyone who passes by.

Completely Customizable Iron Doors for Every Home

Can’t get enough wrought iron? Universal Iron Doors offers a wide range of beautifully crafted interior, entry, and metal front doors in so many stunning designs that you might find it hard to choose just one. Bring over 150 years of blacksmithing experience to your home—check our live inventory or start customizing your doors today: 1-818-771-1003.

Custom Pivot Iron Doors

5 Reasons to Use Pivot Doors on Your Next Project

When it comes to remodeling your home, there are many factors to consider, such as what color you’ll paint the walls, the type of wood flooring to install, and even which outlet covers you’ll use. Selecting the style of your entry doors, especially your front door, is an equally important detail when it comes to planning your reconstruction.

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triple custom wrought iron french doors

The Benefits of Thermally Broken Doors

If you’re a cautious homeowner who is looking for the best wrought iron doors, in your research, you may have stumbled across the term “thermally broken” before. That sounds bad, right? Usually, the word “broken” has a negative connotation, especially with regards to windows or doors, so it’s understandable if you’re confused (and a bit worried) by this term, but some of the highest quality of metal front doors and windows on the market are “thermally broken.”

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Why Working With A Reputable Iron Door Company Is Important

Iron doors are particularly known for being durable as well as stylish. This is usually the case for most iron doors independent of the company they come from. However, what varies between companies is the quality of durability and style so it is important to use a reputable iron door manufacturer. Here a few reasons why we believe you should use a reputable iron door manufacturer like Universal Iron Doors:


We Guarantee Our Products Will Last

By working with a company like Universal Iron Doors, you as a customer can be confident that the door that you chose will last because we offer a guarantee.

Here is our statement: “Universal Iron Doors guarantees that all artisan iron doors, windows, and other products sold through our website will be free from defect in material and craftsmanship for a one year period after the initial purchase date. Our customer service team will replace any substandard product or parts that have been deemed defective (within one years from the date of sale on the frame of the door, one year on moving parts, one year on glass for any defect on center seal excluding scratches, broken glass, etc.) at UNIVERSAL IRON DOORS INC.’ sole discretion”


We Have Extensive Experience and Utilize the Latest Technique

Technology is always improving and staying up to date with iron-door creation techniques is vitally important to providing the best service. Reputable companies like Universal Iron Doors stay on top of these techniques to insure that our products take advantage of the most recent advancements


They Put Customer Service First

Purchasing a new door can come with many questions and needs. A reputable iron door company is readily available to asset or answer questions. Additionally, they are able to find solutions for your concerns.


The Employees Have Solid Training

Whenever you are requesting a service from a company you want to know that the employees are properly trained. When you work with a reputable company you are able to be confident that the service you requested will be served because employee training is a major focus for said companies.


They Offer Sales and Deals to Save You Money

The best companies want to show their customers that they appreciate the business that you are giving them. For example, offering a discount for purchasing more than one door at once.


Explore Universal Iron Doors Today

Interested in doing business with a reputable iron doors company? Get in touch with Universal Iron Doors. You can get high quality, budget friendly modern iron doors with them. For more information, call on 1-877-366-7713 or fill in their online form for a free quote!