Industrial interior designs are trendy home style options. They are edgy yet classy—perfect for houses and apartments alike.

Since this aesthetic is so popular, designers have been trying to find a way to make it more unique. They’ve succeeded by creating rustic industrial decor. Today’s guide will show you how to use this design trend!

What Is an Industrial and Rustic Home Design?

Rustic industrial home designs are becoming increasingly popular, and there’s a good reason. What makes this aesthetic special is its unfinished character, which is later mixed with polished decorative elements. In other words, it creates a mix of an industrial design’s roughness and the rustic style’s warmth.

Creating a mix that feels harmonious is tricky but possible. You only need to understand the difference between industrial and rustic design to put the combination into practice.

Industrial Design

An industrial design tries to recreate the roughness of a warehouse inside an urban loft. It requires plenty of open spaces, bare bricks, exposed ductwork, iron beams, and cement floors.

However, unlike real warehouses, these elements are combined and placed in a way that creates a raw yet beautiful display.

Rustic Design

On the other hand, we have rustic home designs. This home decor means a natural, rough, aged, and casual style that combines classic with classy to create a warm and inviting space.

There are no rules for rustic designs, which is why many options exist. You have Tuscan, cottage, coastal, and more. Each one is perfect for a particular type of personality.

Tips for Mixing Industrial and Rustic Designs for Your Home

Vermont custom wrought iron door

Here are some of the best tips for mixing a rustic with an industrial design:

Combine the Right Natural Palettes and Textures

An essential aspect of rustic industrial home designs is using neutral colors like browns, whites, and blacks. All you need to do is combine shades of brown to create a warm and welcoming environment. Then add white elements and black accents for the ideal industrial blend with a rustic design.

The contrast between black and white increases the elegance of your space while creating a good distribution of rawness and roughness. Additionally, you can add different textures to your design, including bare brick, exposed metals, and wood floors.

There is no rule for this mix, so combine the elements you feel are best for your home or design project. For instance, an exposed brick layout can be perfect, but you can also paint it white to get that rustic and industrial blend.

Focus on Open Spaces and Polished Decor

Your rustic industrial design needs to combine elements of rough and industrial decor styles. We recommend combining open spaces, a flat design, and polished decorative elements. You might even add some antique statement pieces to elevate this look further.

Add More Natural Lighting

Natural light is an essential element of industrial home designs. Natural lighting is one of its most appealing characteristics, providing energy efficiency while making the space feel bigger.

Many potential buyers are looking for homes and apartments with natural lighting, so adding this element to your project makes it more desirable. You can achieve this with large windows, french iron doors, and skylights.

Combine Distressed Wood with Wrought Iron

Rustic and industrial are two decor styles that contrast with one another. The same rule applies to wrought iron and wood.

Wood brings a natural element to your design, while iron makes it more contemporary. Combining both will help create the perfect blend between rustic and industrial, especially if you choose distressed wood.

Leave Some Structural Elements Exposed

Iron front entry door

One of the most important characteristics of an industrial design is its rawness. That means leaving exposed ductwork, brick, and beams around your home. Then you can focus on a unifying design theme.

For instance, combining exposed brick with iron beams will make the perfect industrial feel. Furthermore, adding the right polished elements, like some wooden fixtures and decor, will create the harmonious blend needed for a rustic industrial style.

Choose Iron Doors for Your Rustic/Industrial Decor Mix

A modern iron door design unifies your rustic and industrial decor blend. Adding one of these doors to your home will increase its curb appeal and enhance its style while providing excellent durability and superior energy efficiency.

Wrought iron doors also provide luxury and elegance that no other door material can match. Plus, choosing a custom design enables you to create the perfect aesthetic for your unique space.

Find the Perfect Iron Doors with Universal Iron Doors

Are you looking to remodel your home with a rustic and industrial decor style? We’ve got you covered.

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