As a designer, you are probably looking for creative ways to offer new solutions for every project. Choosing the right spaces, colors, finishes, and more is just a part of your job. You know better than anyone that the right materials for your project are essential, whether you are looking for the proper railings or doors.

Many popular door materials offer benefits for home designers. However, when working on projects requiring elegance and luxury, you should consider opting for iron doors. Most designers prefer these doors because of their many benefits, including increased curb appeal and luxury.

Top 6 Reasons Designers Choose Iron Doors

Here are the main reasons why designers prefer wrought iron doors for their projects:

1. Less Maintenance

When building with most doors, there’s a common problem that every designer faces: The need for constant maintenance of traditional wooden and steel doors outweighs their affordability and versatility. However, wrought iron doors are the perfect option to reduce maintenance costs.

These doors are thermally broken and have anti-rust coats that increase their durability. Iron doors can withstand harsh weather conditions, whether the climate is extremely hot or freezing cold. Not to mention, they are sturdy and strong, allowing them to act as deterrents against burglars and thieves.

2. Increased Sale and Resale Value

Designers are always looking to increase their project’s value through elegant and luxurious elements. For instance, adding a wrought iron door to your project can enhance curb appeal by complementing a building’s elegance and luxury. Better curb appeal makes your project more desirable, increasing its sale and resale value while helping it stand out from the rest.

3. Easy Installation

Unlike traditional wooden or steel doors, wrought iron doors are designed with your particular needs in mind. Therefore, the installation process becomes a lot simpler.

Although we recommend hiring a professional to install your brand-new iron door, it is not mandatory. You can perform the installation yourself if you have prior experience.

4. Superior Quality and Timeless Design

wine cellar french iron door

Wrought iron doors by Universal Iron Doors are crafted with quality in mind, making them some of the most durable and stunning iron doors available. If you are looking for the best iron top designs, we will craft them for you!

Additionally, wrought iron doors have timeless designs that will last for generations without losing their appeal.

5. Endless Customization Options

As we mentioned before, wrought iron doors are highly versatile. Furthermore, because of their versatility, these doors can be customized with endless possibilities, from pivot doors to french door models. You can choose the perfect option for your needs without worrying about it fitting your home’s style.

6. Better Energy Efficiency

One of the most popular trends among home design projects is offering superior energy efficiency. This is even more important if your project is located in an area with harsh weather conditions that require constant use of AC or heaters.

Luckily, wrought iron doors offer an efficient solution to this problem. Iron doors are thermally broken and designed to keep your home’s temperature constant. That way, the door increases your home’s overall energy efficiency by decreasing its carbon footprint.

Find the Perfect Iron Door Designs for Your Project with Universal Iron Doors

Are you looking for the best iron design to complement your design? Look no further than Universal Iron Doors. We have the widest selection of high-quality models for your iron door project. To learn more about our full wrought iron catalog and custom services, contact us at 818-771-1003!