Effortlessly stylish and supremely tasteful, there’s a reason they call them “French” doors. They always look great! Characterized by their numerous glass panels (or one big one) and clean simplicity, French doors are so versatile that they’ll match almost any design trend you’re following—this year, and every year after that.

Because they can be used in so many situations, it can be hard to decide where they’re best suited for your home. Here’s a guide to where French doors work best, and what you can add to round out the look!

Blurring the Boundaries

All that glass means one very important feature: a whole lot of light. This makes French doors wonderful for matching with contemporary design, which places a big emphasis on nature and the environment. With a French door, you’re visually letting nature into your home and, therefore, blurring the boundary between what’s outside and what’s in.

To make the most of this effect, you want your doors located somewhere where there’s a lot of space on either side. Traditionally, that’s between a rear patio and living room, but they can also work really well as an exterior door leading on to a kitchen or dining room.

Adaptable Living

How do you divide up your living spaces without making them feel closed off? French doors, of course! In the same way that they join exterior spaces to interior spaces, the glass and openness that they provide make them perfect as sliding internal doors.

Have an unexpected guest? Just slide the doors closed and give them their own space. Prefer open plan living? Open up the doors and let the air and light flow in! Transforming your home’s look and feel takes only a couple of seconds with a French door.

Welcoming You Home

The Perfect French DoorsFrench doors, and especially decorative iron doors, are fast becoming the most popular form of front door. Compared to classic wooden doors, French doors are lighter, brighter, and more welcoming to you and your guests, with the iron adding security and clean lines.

For those after a modern look and a little more privacy, frosted glass panes work well. If it’s timeless elegance you’re after—and to make your neighbors jealous—then you can’t go wrong with a decorative wrought iron door and stained-glass patterns.


When it comes to French doors, it isn’t just about where to put them. The reason they’re so highly versatile is because you can embellish them in many different ways to achieve a whole new look. For example, you could add:

  • Side windows – Let even more light stream into your home with fixed windows just to the side of the door. It doesn’t have to be symmetrical—you can do amazing things with just one well-placed pane.
  • Lights – Side and overhead lights add a personal touch to any French door and, with so many lighting options available, it’s easy to find one that’ll match your style perfectly.
  • An extra door – If you have the space, why stop at one door? Double French doors, sliding or swinging in either direction, open up your entire home and are hugely popular as the main patio entryway.
  • Decorative transoms – Contrast a plainer, more minimalistic set of French doors with a decorative transom window to achieve an eye-catching look.

The Perfect French Door

Now you’ve found the right place, it’s time to find the right door to put in it!

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