When most people think of how to give the best first impression of their house, they usually think about a new coat of paint, replacing some windows, or even redoing the roof. However, the one thing that can really create a good first impression of your home is a solid front door. An iron front door or a wood front door can really increase the curbside appeal of your home and create a stunning first impression.

Front Doors Are at the Center of Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Why do front doors have such an impact on the first impression of your home? Simple—they’re part of a home’s curb appeal, which is just a fancy term for the combined effect of all the things a visitor really sees when they visit your home. Curb appeal is basically how your house looks as you approach it from the street, and it’s a conglomeration of every aspect of your house’s street-facing side, including:

  • Siding
  • Lawn
  • Garden
  • Porch light
  • Front path
  • Roofing
  • Windows

However, there is one element of your house’s exterior that people almost always focus on as they approach your house. That element is the front door. People are naturally drawn to it, so it’s no exaggeration to say that your house’s front door is the keystone of its curb appeal.

Front Doors Set the Tone for Your Home

The tone your front door sets doesn’t go away when someone enters your house. Visitors will keep their first impression with them as they enter your home, and it will color their perceptions throughout their stay. In other words, a front door sets the tone for your entire home.

Almost everything about a front door helps to determine the tone. A wooden front door has a certain classic elegance, while an iron exterior door conveys a sense of solid security. It’s also worth pointing out that an iron front door can withstand harsh weather better than a wooden door, which should definitely be a consideration if your house is in an area known for harsh weather.

You’ll also want to determine if your front door should have windows. Clear windows create a sense of openness and really let some light in, while windows that are acid-etched or have wavy glass help preserve your privacy and cut down on the glare from sunlight.

Increase the Value of Your Home with a Wrought Iron Door

Nothing quite sets the tone for your home like a front door, and an iron front door projects a sense of security and grandeur that’s hard to match. If you want to know more about selecting and installing a decorative iron door, contact Universal Iron Doors. Their specialists will help you select the door that’s right for you and your house.