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Iron Doors for your Dream Home in Washington DC

You’ve always known what your dream house looks like. You’ve always known what kind of home you want: elegant, timeless, magnificent, luxurious. Maybe you already have that house, but maybe you want to add something more to it. Maybe you want to make it more special.

That’s where Universal Iron Doors come in. Our high-quality and beautifully designed iron doors make the perfect gateway for your homes. Our iron doors show your house’s beauty to the rest of the world while protecting your private life within. The doors’ intricate design, high quality materials, and impeccable ironwork will surely be the envy of everyone who sees it.

Why our Iron Doors are Perfect for Washington DC

For those of you who live in Washington DC, our iron doors are perfect for you. Washington DC is a city full of power and importance, and what better captures that than our majestic iron doors? Our iron doors fit with Washington DC’s character by making your house look impressive and beautiful at the same time.

In addition, our iron doors are perfect for the intense Washington DC weather. The doors are built with insulating materials, which regulates temperature within the house to keep it mild despite Washington DC’s freezing winters and scorching summers. Our iron doors are also very sturdy, making them resilient to extreme weather conditions.

Shipping for Iron Doors Washington DC

Universal Iron Doors ship products nationwide, including Washington DC. To protect the quality of the doors, we hire owner-operated trucks to deliver the products. These drivers pick up the doors and take them directly to our customers. We want to make sure that the doors do not go to a warehouse where they can be loaded and unloaded many times, thus leading to a greater chance of damage. Quality is of the utmost importance to us, and our shipping method to Washington DC and nationwide proves that.

Other Services for Washington DC

Other than iron doors Washington DC clients can expect products such as French doors, railings, garage doors, railings, iron gates, hardware, and more.

Pietro Eyebrow Top Ornamental Iron Double Exterior Door With Sidelights

Custom Wrought Iron Door-The classic combination of style and safety

Custom Wrought Iron Door-The classic combination of style and safety

A beautiful entrance to your home makes a statement of yours. It makes your home a warm, unique, and aesthetic asset, not only to the owners, but also to the guests.You will be very proud of.

There are different types of doors that you can choose from to decorate your home. When choosing crafted custom wrought iron doors in California, you will have an opportunity to embrace both safety and elegant style of an artwork.

Why iron doors are secure?
Custom wrought Iron doors are sturdy and heavyweight, and are not easily damaged, built to endure the harshest of weathering conditions.
Wrought iron is strong enough to prevent home invasion and deter burglars.
Iron doors are more durable than standard doors.
Universal Iron Doors also offer double sided obscure glass design,allowing light to come into the entrance while protecting home privacy.

Custom Wrought Iron Door

Stylish Iron Door Design
If you’re in pursuit of individuality and elegance towards your entryway, custom wrought iron door is definitely the choice. Universal Iron Doors features a variety of dazzling and unique designs. These artist designs always help you turn heads in your neighborhood. Especially, custom iron door option allows you to choose freely from the size, color, and shape of your door .The door design showcases your home decorating style. Whether your home is modern, traditional, or rustic, there is always an custom iron door to match.

Here are some basic iron door design ideas for your home:
Modern Iron Doors:
Modern iron door design have lots of geometric shapes of stunning proportions. These shapes include rectangles, circles, and crosses.The thickness of the lines and curves in these shapes can be varied to create different looks.
Classical Iron Doors:
Classical iron doors tend to feature a combination of vertical bars with scrolled decorations. You can further personalize such elements by varying the number or shape of the door windows. Additionally,  you can also change the height of the bars and width of the scrolling.
Rustic Iron Doors:
Similar to classical doors, rustic doors feature scrolling patterns. However, these inspirations come from flowers, leaves, and vines and can look softer. When you browse floral ironwork for your new doors, you will be amazed at how lifelike the iron can be.

Modern Iron Door Atlanta

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Why do I need a modern iron door in Atlanta?

To start off this post, everyone should have a modern iron door. The many practical components that accompany this modern iron door are worthwhile. Its durability is vital to safeguard what we call home. It acts as a form of protection that ensures safety through its unbreakable form. In 2010, the FBI reported 2,159,878 burglaries in the US. Out of these, over 60% of these were due to forcible entry. Unique to Atlanta, 59 out of every 1000 will be the victims of a form of property crime. Though property crime has been decreasing, there is no guarantee that such an event will happen to us. 

What can the modern iron door do for me in Atlanta?

Out of the 2.1 million burglaries that have occurred, an alarming 30% have happened by entry through the front door. Usually these situations arise when we don’t lock our doors or replace them. The previous statistic reveals the importance of prioritizing safety. Our safety is most vital to our well-being, meaning the investment in this door can only help ourselves. By having this door, you decrease the likelihood of potential property damage. In 2010, the FBI reported that the victims of burglaries have faced an estimated $4.6 billion in damages and lost property.

The importance of having a modern iron door in Atlanta?

Burglars tend to avoid homes with security systems. Furthermore, the strength of a modern iron door will secure your home. The modern iron door will provide both protection and peace of mind. Besides burglary, these modern iron doors also shield against extreme weather conditions. Due to its heavy and sturdy material, these iron doors protect against natural blunders. This is an ideal investment for those who live in areas that are prone to bad weather. Moreover, these doors are the best shield against the humidity that makes up much of Atlanta’s weather.

Why everyone should have a modern iron door in Atlanta

A modern iron door is not only useful as a means of protection but also for first impressions. The door exhibits greatness through its designs. By having such an impressive door, onlookers can only be dazzled. Moreover, this door also helps to create your own unique element. It ultimately contributes to the beauty of your home while maintaining your safety.

Closing remarks about the value of the modern iron door in Atlanta

Those who live in Atlanta should really consider the modern iron door because of its many perks. This door provides perks that can not be ignored. Such benefits include the safety and aesthetic factors this door provides. Moreover, it is cost efficient and caters to the consumer. This door is relevant to everyone. With that said, everyone in Atlanta should definitely invest in a modern iron door.

Iron Doors New Jersey

Moderno Square Top Dual Modern Exterior Doors

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New Jersey Wrought Iron Entry Doors

Imagine your dream house. More likely than not, you envisioned a beautiful mansion in your favorite neighborhood. If we take a closer look, your dream house probably had an iron door, which makes perfect sense considering how grandiose and eloquent they are. But unfortunately we have to get back to reality.

While you may not be able to immediately go out and get your dream house, there is nothing stopping you from getting started on it with a brand new iron door. A door serves as the focal point of your house. Doors are not just the gateway into our homes but they are the foremost extension and initial representation of your tastes and style to the outside world. Fortunately, while being inherently timeless, iron doors are exceptionally modern.

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Time to update your New Jersey home

It’s no surprise they are making an incredibly strong revival. In fact, iron doors have become all the rage in New York, and designers have been clamoring about their contemporary feel. When you really think about it, nothing is quite as outdated as a wooden door. People are quickly realizing that unlike wooden doors, iron doors are extremely customizable. Custom iron doors can add a special dimension of uniqueness to your home. While the interior of your house may be totally modern, you probably haven’t done much to update the exterior of your home.

        Enhancing the aesthetic of your home

Iron doors can easily solve that problem and can be a breath of fresh air to a typically boring house. Not to mention from the greatly improved aesthetic of your house, there is no denying the safety an iron door brings. Moreover, it is not often the beautiful and the safe option the same one. Look at it like this, the only thing that stands between your beloved family and an unpredictable world is your door, and you don’t want to leave their safety in the hands of a flimsy two-inch wooden door. Besides, durability is a hallmark of iron doors. Furthermore, iron doors are also notorious for increasing the value of your home while still being affordable. As they say when one door closes another opens, so this time make sure it’s an iron door.



When you think about railings…wait, that’s just it, who thinks about railings? At Universal Iron Doors, WE think about railings and it’s our thoughts that make custom railings something to talk about.


When you run up the stairs of your home or stroll along the second floor of a local shopping mall, you probably don’t give much thought to what’s protecting you from falling off the edge. A good, steady railing is something that we take for granted but it’s a necessary structure that doesn’t have to always remain in the foreground. Whether your home or office has a short staircase or a five story winding spiral, choosing a functional as well as stylish railing can make a statement to the overall aesthetics of your environment.


We may not know where Romeo is but we know where Juliet would be if she didn’t have a solid railing outside of her balcony, she would have fallen into the rose bushes below. Besides protection, a railing can add value to your home. Why settle for boring safety rails when you can have a Shakespeare worthy design? At Universal Iron doors we have designs to choose from or we can custom design a railing to specifically fit the needs of your home or office.


Art is everywhere and can also be right where you are. You may not take notice of railings when you’re out and about but you would if they made an artistic statement. Take a good close look at your home–the front stoop, the stairs, the backyard fence—all of those can be enhanced with a stylish rail. The simple adornments that you make to your home now can enhance the overall appearance and ultimately increase the worth of your house.

Your home is your castle


Hark! Who goes there?

We all want to feel safe. Safe on the streets, safe in our own skin, but especially safe in our homes. Building a moat around your dwelling with a draw bridge is probably not a smart choice. What would the neighbors say? A better choice is a stylish iron front door.


Securing your home with an iron door doesn’t have to look like you opted to live in a prison cell. You can keep the safety, security, and privacy of your home intact and you can do it with panache. Thinking about iron doors as security may evoke images of medieval castles or barricades for diplomatic embassies, not necessarily the entrance to grandma’s house. But in today’s modern world, those bygone images are replaced with contemporary styles designed distinctly for the beauty of your home as well as its protection.


Who’s at the door? Whether it’s the Avon lady or the mailman, the entrance of your home should be inviting not intimidating. Working in tandem with a talented designer can help your vision with your door as well as keep you in mode with the current trends while still keeping to a timeless design. Imagine your family coming to your front door for a special holiday or a party. How do you want to greet them and how do you want them to be received?


There are some aspects that you should think about when you are designing your iron door that aren’t all about artistic choices. For example, if you love a swirled pattern, try to visualize that patter on your current front door. Are the swirls obscuring your eye line thereby masking whomever is standing on your welcome mat? Or, if clean lines are your thing, take a step back and ask yourself what the difference is between your ideal door and a door found at Rikers Island? Also, know your strength. Do you eat as much spinach as Popeye? If you like a solid door with minimal visibility, will you be able to handle the weight? And lastly, look at your house as a whole, will your dream iron door suit the aesthetics of your country villa or does your taste fit better with a Frank Lloyd Wright replica? Save yourself a headache later by doing your due diligence today.


Style and Safety. Free yourself from the stress and worry of who may be waiting outside your home with a protective iron door while at the same time making the entrance of your house be a beautiful and welcomed piece of art.

Avia Iron Doors with Custom Top Design

Designing Your Iron Door

Designing Your Iron Door

We may not all be designers but we do know what we like or what we don’t like when it comes to overall aesthetics. Don’t rely solely on what a hired designer suggests but instead, trust your own instincts. Qualified designers can guide you to ideas that you may not have thought. So how do you make that decision? Read on!

Trick or Treat!

Halloween is not only a great time to explore a new neighborhood but also a chance for you to check out front doors incognito! Prior to the spooky day, drive around and find houses that have iron doors that are attractive to you and put those homes on your trick or treat route. Every doorbell you ring is an opportunity to not just get candy, but to explore an interesting front door. When coming up with designs for your customized iron door, concentrate on your surroundings and ask yourself what catches your eye in awe versus what makes you say Boo!

Pay attention to your iron door

Most of us unwind after a long day in front of our favorite television shows. Use that time to not only enjoy the story of your show but to take in what you see. Modern Family on ABC is re-run about a million times a day, so chances are that if you’ve watched the show, you’ll catch it again but on this time, watch it with fresh eyes. Notice the exterior shots of the families’ houses. Do you gravitate to a more contemporary style like Jay and Gloria’s house or something more traditional like Claire and Phil’s house?. Or perhaps something with a more ornate, Spanish style like Cam and Mitchell? Narrow down what it is that you like and before you know it, you will have designed an iron door that satisfies your own unique decor.

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Museums and on-line

Wrought ironwork dates back as far as 3500 BC so chances are. If you are exploring a museum that houses ancient artifacts, you’ll discover some spectacular wrought iron designs. Dating back from the medieval period, ironwork was not only used for weapons of protection, but decorative purposes became more common. Fabulous iron work can also be found on ancient cathedrals like the Notre Dame de Paris. Don’t see yourself going to France in your near future? With the Internet, you can explore any place in the world and hone in on the specific designs of churches, cathedrals, government offices, homes. Take screen grabs of what catches your eye and start your own customized iron door design.

Customized Iron Doors

Why a Customized Iron Door?

Why a Customized Iron Door?

If your eyes are considered the windows to your soul than the front door of your house is considered the entrance to the soul of your home. A stylish and customized iron door, besides adding valuable curb appeal, is the first impression of who lives inside. As a result, by customizing your door you can express yourself based on your likes and dislikes. Is your front door as welcoming as you?

Don’t go for a cookie cutter door

Your front door is as personal as you are so don’t sacrifice your individual style for a cookie cutter door that can be purchased anywhere, customize it! A wrought iron door is not only durable and corrosion resistant, but it can be distinctly designed to create an architectural accent. Remember, nothing beats grandma’s special cookies. Over the years, she’s tailored to gastronomical perfection. How disappointed would you be if she opened up a box of factory cookies?

wrought iron door being made . For more information go to our website at www.iwantthatdoor.comWhat is wrought iron?

“Wrought” comes from the verb “to work” so wrought iron basically means that it is iron that has been worked on. Cast iron is melted, then poured into a mold whereas wrought iron. It is heated and then molded by a skilled blacksmith. Having the ability to create handmade scroll work makes wrought iron a desirable option for home designers. Wrought iron is tough, malleable, and has tensile strength making it an excellent choice.

Experts agree

By having a custom iron door, the entrance of your house sets the tone for the rest of your home. From the Washington Post’s Home & Garden section, Jill Waage, executive editor of Better Homes and Gardens, remarked that front doors, “… speak to the personalization that people are doing all over their homes right now.” An awe inspiring front door is the most cost effective pre-sale investment you can make to your home.By upgrading the entrance to your home you are increasing your property value and ultimately putting money in the bank. It’s the best ROI that you give yourself.

The Threshold Iron Door of Your Home Should Be a Piece of Art

Who says that fine art can only be found in the Louvre? With the threshold iron door available at Universal Iron Doors, the entrance to your home can be more than just a door, it can be a work of art. Getting exclusives pieces of art will disappoint of how much options you can find. Moreover, with the help of our qualified designers, you can create your own piece of art.  Better yet, including a threshold iron door made by Universal you are adding safety, which no money can buy it. At Universal you will find affordable prices that you give that chance to stand out the beauty your place already have. It doesn’t  matter where you live, we ship the door out straight to your place.

threshold iron door


and about Threshold Iron Door

Universal Iron Doors provides a quality that you could only find from a family owned business. Therefore, The Kapukchyans pride themselves on making sure that every made to order door, railing, gate or garage door is created with the utmost attention and care maintaining. It’s their attention to detail that makes Universal Iron Doors unbeatable in the field. Quality, finesse, and a unique artistic talent is what you should expect when you choose this company.

Let the opening to the threshold iron door of your home be an entrance of creative expression and an intricate, distinctive way to add elegance to the word, “Welcome.” Enhance the aesthetic as well as the safety of your place. Besides, everyone wants their house to be as much secure as possible.

Armani Round Top Iron Doors

Safe iron doors and the customization of them.

Safe iron doors and the customization of them.

Thinking of getting new doors for your home? If so, your priority should be to get doors that not only are good in terms of enhancing your home’s aesthetic appeal, but also be durable enough to last for a lifetime. After all, a home is where you and your family can feel safe and having front doors that provide substantial strength and toughness will relieve you of unwanted stress and agitation.

An iron door, in this regard, offers the best security that your home needs. Its resilience and robustness are well-known and can be strong enough to prevent any burglars or trespassers from breaking into your house.



How safe are they?

  • Strong against extreme temperatures

The sturdiness of iron doors is ideal for protecting your home from not just criminals, but also from extreme temperatures. These doors can be foam insulated, which makes it a great source of reducing the overall flow of extreme heat and cold into the house. This means that your home will stay relatively cooler during the summer and warmer during the winter. As a result, you have the benefit of lowering your utility bills and make extra savings.

  • Damage is not a problem

More importantly, iron doors are very tough against weather conditions and other kinds of harmful or corrosive substances. In other words, such doors do not get damaged easily and last for a lot longer. Wooden doors, in comparison, cannot offer you the robustness of iron doors and will need replacement a lot quicker due to greater wear and tear.

  • Protects home against burglars

As for home security, doors made out of iron work best. Its weight and strength make it almost impossible for burglars to barge their way into homes. Its thick iron and steel hinges, locks, and additional security features can make it impenetrable and a spectacular long-term investment for your home. This is especially important in highly affluent neighborhoods where crime is rife.

One of the safest and strongest of these iron doors are wrought iron doors. Wrought iron is an alloy which is extremely strong and resistant to corrosion and strong impacts. The very sight of iron doors can make a burglar lose any hope of breaking an entry.

Custom iron doors

  • Iron doors are available in a wide range of designs, colors, and shapes. You can choose any color from charcoal grey to bronze, gold tinge to copper, or cinnamon to dark brown.
  • You can also set the thickness of security locks and scrollwork, such as ½ or 5/8 inches, and also customize the hinges depending on your front door dimensions and available space.
  • Glass options are also available whether it is laminated glass or insulated tempered glass, any of which will be essential in keeping utility bills low and harmful substances blocked from flowing into your home. is a company specializing in a range of safe and secure doors for your home. For more information, please feel free to go through the different products and items through out our website.

Altamura Single Front Entry Iron Door

Designer Iron Doors Why are they becoming popular?

Designer Iron Doors

Why are they becoming popular?

One only has to look at the various designs and colors to realize how fashionable designers iron doors are. Whether you are choosing doors for your front gate or for the back door, nothing quite comes close to the sheer quality of iron doors.

In contrast to fiberglass and wooden doors, iron doors are gaining widespread appeal and homeowners are in search of the latest designs to make the best investment for their house.

If you are eager to purchase new doors for your house, the following are some reasons why designer iron doors will be ideal for you.

Known for its toughness

Designer iron doors have reputation for their sturdiness and toughness, which is an advantage both for aesthetics and safety. The thick iron can withstand extremely harsh weather conditions, whether it is cyclones or storms, and takes far longer to corrode due to wear and tear in comparison to wood and fiberglass doors.

More importantly, doors that are made out of wrought iron, a strong alloy containing iron and other metals, offer incredible resistance to rust and can last for many years.

Iron Door

Has good resale value

Installing iron doors can be great if you are looking to enhance the value of your house. Homes that are fitted with iron doors will naturally attract the attention of home buyers. Whether you are planning on selling your home or giving it away for rent in the near future. Installing an iron door at the entrance or the back entrance can be immensely rewarding. . By fitting your home with iron doors, you can expect your house value to go up by at least 5 percent.

Provides better security

Investing in strong doors is absolutely necessary if you wish to protect your possessions from getting stolen by trespassers. Having doors that are made out of strong iron will make it near impossible for burglars to kick their way through your front gate.  You can choose to install iron doors on the drive way as well as the main entrance.

Furthermore, you can also customize the type of additional security features, such as hinges and locks, to boost your home security.


Installs easily

Iron doors may be heavy, but they are certainly not difficult to install. You will be surprised to find how quickly you can have your front doors replaced . Have a professional visit your house and take the required dimensions and you can have it installed in no time.

Available in a range of design options

Designer iron doors come in a myriad of designs and shapes that you can choose from to your liking. You can opt for double entry doors, arch doors, doors with glass panels, square top designs, as well as classic and contemporary designs. There are also a range of colors that you can decide to complement your house color. Consult with a design expert and they can recommend which ones best go with the color theme of your home.

Adding Interior Appeal To Your Home

Enhancing the interior appeal of your place.

It’s obvious that after installing a new iron door or iron gate, it will definitely catch the eyes of anyone passing by or your neighbors. However, the beauty of these iron doors isn’t only for the exterior of your home, but adding interior appeal.

One major change you can do to your home is to add railings to your stairs, balcony, or loft. This can immediately change the feel and look to your home and make it seem much more classy and elegant. These simple accents can help revive and invigorate the interior of your home, which would make it a great complement to the iron doors or french iron doors if you had them.

The real gateway

Another option is to add other doors to sides of your home that isn’t the front. Some homes will have doors that lead to their yard, or their garden, and it would be a perfect gateway. It would definitely give off a very sophisticated tone, adding more value and appeal to your home. You could even take it a step further but adding these iron designs to your cupboards in your kitchen! Many homes already have the wooden style cupboards, so by replacing those with smaller iron cupboards, it would bring a big change and a different look to your kitchen. If you have a wine cellar, a great way to complete the rustic look would definitely be to add an iron door. It’ll give it a more stylish and classic look to your wine cellar, which would definitely match the quality wine inside!

By doing these things, you can increase the value of your home as well as making it the interior look much more sophisticated and elegant. It would no doubt impress your guests and, if you were ever looking to sell, future homeowners.