Your home should feel like an extension of your taste and personality, and the best way to achieve this is by choosing the right home design. There are dozens of options, from farmhouse and chic to minimalistic, contemporary, and classic. However, the industrial-style decor is one of the biggest home design trends this year (and for years to come!)

In today’s guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about industrial design and why you should consider it for your home.

What Is the Industrial Interior Design Style?

Industrial home designs combine raw aesthetics with functionality to create an urban charm. This design style embraces raw materials, minimalism, and innovative architectural features to transform living spaces into welcoming yet stylish havens of modern living.

Although there are different ways in which you can achieve an industrial home style, here are the most important aspects to consider:

The Essence of Simplicity and Utility

At its core, industrial home designs combine minimalism and functionality in a modern environment. This home style seeks to create utility for modern homeowners while adding elegance and luxury.

Industrial home designs use exposed brick, concrete walls, concrete floors, visible ductwork, and open ceilings to showcase the house’s structural elements. That roughness makes your property feel unique and highlights its authenticity by embracing imperfections.

A Rough Color Palette

Another important aspect of a home industrial design is its rough color palette that creates the idea of an elegant factory and not just a home. This style combines shades of gray, white, and brown as the foundation of its color palette.

It provides a neutral backdrop that allows the exposed elements to shine and stand out, acting as focal points rather than simple decoration.

For better results, some interior designers use accent walls or add pops of colors. This creates unique contrasts between the minimalism of the style and the colors themselves.

The Right Materials and Finishes

Unlike classic or contemporary home designs, industrial style uses unique materials. This aesthetic combines concrete, brick, weathered wood, glass, metals, and other elements for a visual appeal that’s all about the roughness of the project.

Concrete and brick, for example, will usually be exposed, which adds to the personality of an industrial living room. A metal home theme with finishes and hardware is particularly popular among modern home designs. That’s why you’ll see a lot of black wrought iron or stainless steel in an industrial-designed property.

Choosing the Right Furniture

The next step for creating your industrial-style home is considering the right furniture and accessories. Because the core idea of an industrial space is simplicity and functionality, the furniture you pick for your home should go hand in hand with this.

Reclaimed wood furniture, such as tables, chairs, and frames, are popular because they look raw and rough. Some homeowners prefer leather furniture because it combines better with the color palette of their industrial home.

We also recommend incorporating elements with visible bolts and distressed finishes for the best industrial look.

Good Lighting Is Essential

The right lighting for your home will help you set the mood for an industrial feel. It’s crucial to add a touch of drama to the mix with pendant lights and exposed bulbs. This is especially effective when combined with industrial-inspired lighting fixtures that allow the rawness of the materials to stand out and shine.

For instance, track lighting and floor lamps are two popular choices among home designers because they are practical. They complement industrial aesthetics in ways other lighting options can’t.

Why Choose Industrial Iron Doors?

Industrial style French doors from Universal Iron Doors

Choosing the right colors, hardware, finishes, and accessories for your industrial home design is important. However, few additions will make as much of an impact as picking iron doors for your home.

Industrial interior design requires an elegant solution that’s timeless and modern, and there is no better choice than wrought iron doors. They are the most popular option among designers and architects because of their benefits.

These doors are the epitome of luxury and elegance while adding that much-needed roughness to the mix. Wrought iron doors are also quite durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Find the Best Iron Doors to Complement Your Home’s Industrial Style with Universal Iron Doors

For homeowners looking to create the perfect industrial interior design, there’s no better choice than a wrought iron door. And at Universal Iron Doors, we have the best models for every need, whether you need a pivot door or a custom design. Contact us at 818-771-1003 for more information about our products!