Ranch homes are some of the most popular styles for houses outside big cities. They have charming designs with a lot of open spaces and outdoor decorations. However, these houses can also feel old if you do not refresh them every once in a while.

In today’s guide, we’ll give you the best curb appeal ideas for ranch style homes. We’ll also give you more information about this popular home design and what you can do to improve its exterior appearance.

What Does a Ranch Home Look Like?

Ranch homes are single-story houses with an open design complemented by large yards and gardens. They use massive windows to increase the house’s natural light while making the space look bigger.

Most ranch houses have rectangular designs, but that’s not a rule. The shape can vary depending on the available space and your preference. For instance, there are also U-shaped and L-shaped ranch homes.

Ranch houses do not have second floors, but most of these homes use large basements to increase the overall floorspace.

How to Improve the Curb Appeal of Ranch Homes – 6 Tips

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  1. Refresh the landscaping. A ranch house makes use of open spaces in ways most other homes can’t. That’s why doing something new with your garden or yard can freshen up the entire feeling of your home. Add new flowers, bushes, or even trees to your outdoor area.
  2. Update your paint color. Repainting your home is one of the most common ways to update its overall style. Ranch homes are not known for using multiple colors, but you can take advantage of neutral color palettes to improve your home’s curb appeal.
  3. Add exterior lighting. Another way to refresh your ranch home’s exterior is to add more exterior lighting. You can use more light bulbs on the front porch or even get some motion-sensor lights to increase your house’s security. The lighting should complement your home’s style and personality.
  4. Update your columns. Ranch houses use columns as part of the house’s overall style. The best thing about the columns is that they can be updated whenever you want. You can turn them from round to square or vice versa. You can even turn them into colonial design columns.
  5. Add decorative trims. Ranch homes use large windows in almost every part of the exterior. That’s why adding trims can be such an excellent way to freshen up your home’s style and feel. You can add trims to the window and door edges to improve your house’s curb appeal.
  6. Replace your old doors. One of the best ways of updating a ranch style home’s exterior is to replace your old doors. Fiberglass and wooden doors are the most common options. However, if you want the best protection for your house, you should consider using wrought iron doors.

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