Archways and round top door designs help enhance the appearance of the home. Some people want to incorporate new design elements into their homes that further enhance the overall exterior appearance. One of the easier projects is to add an eyebrow top or round top iron door to replace your existing front entrance door.

The area above the door does not typically have any major supports, so altering the appearance of the exterior will not affect the integrity of the home. This makes it easy to go from a plain, boring square front door to one with curves above the door.

What Is an Eyebrow Top Arch?

An eyebrow door arch is where there is a slight curve that is soft and simplistic, yet stylish. An eyebrow arch is also known as a segmented arch or soft arch. This design was created by the Romans and is still used today. You will even find eyebrow arches in other design elements of homes, such as the doorway into the kitchen, dining room, or living room.

What Is a Round Top Arch?

Decorative metal front doors

A round top arch, also known as a half-circle arch, is where the top of the door arch is fully curved and rounded. With round top doors, the tops of the door are also rounded to fit neatly into the opening. This type of arch is often found in Tuscan and Spanish architecture.

What Are Some Benefits of Arched Iron Doors?

The front entry door on your home influences the home’s look and feel. If you have a plain, rectangular front door shape, your home is not going to stand out. It is going to look just like all your neighbors’ homes with the same rectangular-shaped front doors.

If you want your home to be the envy of your neighbors, you cannot go wrong with an arched door design and the benefits they bring, including:

  1. Enhances Curb Appeal – Arched doors give the impression of luxury and elegance, even if you opt for a simple minimalist iron door design.
  2. Complements Your Home’s Architectural Style – If your home has a Spanish, Mediterranean, or Tuscan design, a round top arch door pairs well with this design. If your home has a classic, modern, or contemporary design, an eyebrow top arch door works well.
  3. Boosts the Value of Your Home – Homes with wrought iron doors tend to get higher offers and sell faster compared to other homes without iron doors. Even if you have no plans on selling your home, its value still increases.
  4. Grabs Your Attention – Round door designs quickly grab your eye and will often make your front door the focal point of your home. Many people associate round door designs with beauty and consider homes with rounded top iron doors more elegant than homes without traditional rectangular-style doors.
  5. Deters Burglars – Wrought iron is a very sturdy and durable material. It provides an added layer of protection to deter burglars. Most would-be thieves know how hard it is to break into homes with wrought iron doors, so they do not even try.

Which Door Design Is Best?

The best door design for your home will depend on the architectural style of your home, your preferences, tastes, and style. In the end, it comes down to whether you want a wrought iron door with an eyebrow door arch or a round top door arch, and which door design you think fits best with your home.

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