Money that worth spending

On occasion people who want to add iron doors to their home have a limited budget. Their natural instinct is to think that they can not buy cheap iron doors if they want quality iron doors. Some turn to salvaging older doors, while others just defer their dreams until they have more money. In truth cheap and quality can go hand in hand when it comes to iron doors.


Quality iron doors come from the forging process, dedication to solid support hardware, and good design. The forging process is not the same in any two manufacturing processes. Each company has some proprietary secrets that they keep, but the basics are the same. The same basic metals have to be used to construct and process the cast iron. The quality is inherent.

Manufacturing Process

Here is where a company can save money so that they are able to sell cheap iron doors. By slimming the process, using the best metals, and committing to to strong support structures for the doors, a company can build quality into a less expensive iron door.


The designs incorporated into iron doors constitute the bulk of their value. Cheap iron doors do not have to look the part. We have all seen ones that do thought. A set of iron bars on hinges is about all they look like. On the other hand, an intricate design nearly shouts quality at you as you approach it. By placing simple, yet elegant designs within a door a manufacturer can create high quality, cheap iron doors.

Support Elements

One other thing that nearly defines quality irons doors is the strength of their support elements. Any door that sag or the hinges do not operate well is automatically considered to be cheap and low quality. No one wants to hear their iron doors every time some one walks in. You may have to do a little maintenance work to prevent squeaks, but strong support elements will prevent your doors from being a detriment to your home.

It is very possible for cheap iron doors to also be quality iron doors. Never underestimate the power of good design elements and always inspect the support elements of any iron door you want to buy. If the design and the support mechanisms are good then you have a quality door no matter the cost.