Hark! Who goes there?

We all want to feel safe. Safe on the streets, safe in our own skin, but especially safe in our homes. Building a moat around your dwelling with a draw bridge is probably not a smart choice. What would the neighbors say? A better choice is a stylish iron front door.


Securing your home with an iron door doesn’t have to look like you opted to live in a prison cell. You can keep the safety, security, and privacy of your home intact and you can do it with panache. Thinking about iron doors as security may evoke images of medieval castles or barricades for diplomatic embassies, not necessarily the entrance to grandma’s house. But in today’s modern world, those bygone images are replaced with contemporary styles designed distinctly for the beauty of your home as well as its protection.


Who’s at the door? Whether it’s the Avon lady or the mailman, the entrance of your home should be inviting not intimidating. Working in tandem with a talented designer can help your vision with your door as well as keep you in mode with the current trends while still keeping to a timeless design. Imagine your family coming to your front door for a special holiday or a party. How do you want to greet them and how do you want them to be received?


There are some aspects that you should think about when you are designing your iron door that aren’t all about artistic choices. For example, if you love a swirled pattern, try to visualize that patter on your current front door. Are the swirls obscuring your eye line thereby masking whomever is standing on your welcome mat? Or, if clean lines are your thing, take a step back and ask yourself what the difference is between your ideal door and a door found at Rikers Island? Also, know your strength. Do you eat as much spinach as Popeye? If you like a solid door with minimal visibility, will you be able to handle the weight? And lastly, look at your house as a whole, will your dream iron door suit the aesthetics of your country villa or does your taste fit better with a Frank Lloyd Wright replica? Save yourself a headache later by doing your due diligence today.


Style and Safety. Free yourself from the stress and worry of who may be waiting outside your home with a protective iron door while at the same time making the entrance of your house be a beautiful and welcomed piece of art.