When it comes to shopping for new doors for your home, two of the most popular choices homeowners browse are wrought iron doors and steel doors. While both kinds of doors are made from metal, there are differences you need to know about to ensure you are buying the best doors for your home.

What Is Wrought Iron?

Wrought iron is made from iron, a naturally occurring element found in the ground. To be defined as “wrought” iron, the iron is mixed with iron silicate. Wrought iron also has a very low carbon content, which makes it possible to heat, bend, shape, and weld wrought iron.

What Is Steel?

Steel is not a naturally occurring element. Rather, it is man-made by taking iron and mixing it with carbon. The addition of carbon makes it more difficult to bend and shape. The term “steel” can refer to a wide range of different mixtures as well. Some doors might be a mixture of iron, nickel, and carbon, for instance.

Wrought Iron vs. Steel Pros and Cons

Initially, one might assume steel would be the better choice for doors for your home because steel is often referred to as having a higher tensile strength than wrought iron. Yet, that assumption would be a huge mistake. In fact, wrought iron doors are just as sturdy as steel doors, so, on this point, they are both equal.

If you are looking for ornate, decorative, and elaborate door designs, then wrought iron doors are the clear winner here. This is because wrought iron can be bent, shaped, formed, and welded into different designs, thanks to the low carbon content. To do the same with steel, it must be in its molten state and poured into a mold, which can be rather costly.

If you are worried about corrosion and rust being a problem, you might assume that steel would stand up better. However, you would be wrong. Steel is more prone to rust than wrought iron. Even though wrought iron can also develop rust, when the door is initially made it has a special coating put on it that results in superior rust-resistance.

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Regarding door maintenance, both wrought iron and steel doors are about equal. You must check for scratches in the doors that could expose unprotected metal and lead to rust. You should wash the doors at least once a month with a mild detergent to maintain their appearance. Both wrought iron and steel can be painted if you want to change the color of your doors.

Longevity-wise, wrought iron doors will last a lifetime. For many homeowners, they are the last doors they purchase, unless they want a new design or style that is currently trending. Conversely, steel doors tend to be replaced a few times since they often lose their appeal due to limited door designs and changes in home exterior trends.

If you are concerned about home security, both wrought iron and steel doors are good choices, although research has shown that homes with wrought iron doors are typically passed over by would-be robbers.

Last, if you are all about customizations for the doors for your home, then wrought iron comes out on top. There are all sorts of designs, glasswork, ironwork, and other options to choose from to create a truly one-of-a-kind door just for your home.

As can be seen, both wrought iron and steel doors have their pros and cons. In the end, it comes down to personal choice and whether you want a stunning wrought iron door with detailed work or a basic-looking steel door for your home.

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