Wrought iron is a highly refined iron alloy used for front entry doors and other parts of homes. A semi-fused mass of iron, it is extremely strong and durable. The fibrous slag inclusions add a wood-like grain appearance when the material is bent or etched. Wrought iron doors are chosen for their corrosion resistance and design flexibility, but the material is also used for wrought iron gates, chandeliers, fences, and even plant stands.

Wrought iron was popular for centuries but declined as steel manufacturing processes improved in the 19th century. Historically, it was used to produce axes, chisels, and cutlery, as well as swords. It was also used for railways and ironclad ships. Today, you can benefit from wrought iron entry doors in many ways, including the ability to customize the look of your home in almost any way.

People choose wrought iron because of its:

Compatibility with Modern Design

Wrought iron entry doors can suit many types of home designs. A variety of aesthetic design elements can be included while ornamental components can be easily integrated. Your home, therefore, can look different from any other in the neighborhood.


The strength of wrought iron enables it to last for many years without showing signs of wear. It can endure repeated temperature extremes and exposure to natural elements. A wrought iron door can also handle a high amount of pressure, so normal use won’t cause it to wear out and, to top things off, it is timeless and won’t go out of style.


Wrought iron doors are hard to break through during attempted robberies. They can deter thieves, thereby improving the overall security of your home. Being so heavy and sturdy is a bonus. Combined with a home alarm system, an iron door can make your home much safer. Even the robust look of one can change a would-be burglar’s mind about attempting a break-in.


Wrought iron doors maintain their elegant and polished look regardless of the elements they’re exposed to. They don’t often need repairs. Also, it is unlikely you’ll need to replace one anytime soon. Little maintenance is required too—you may just need a fresh coat of paint every few years.


Elite Eyebrow Top Double Entry Iron Doors

The long-lasting nature of wrought iron is highly appealing. In addition, it can be recycled or repurposed after its initial use. That means if you were to replace your iron door, the material can be reused rather than discarded, which prevents wasting resources and contributing to environmental pollution.

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