Iron doors are some of the most popular doors available because of how secure and elegant they are, but some people are afraid to choose them for their homes because they’ll be too heavy to open or too much work to use.

However, iron doors are light and easy to open while providing the best security for your home. Let’s explore the security benefits of wrought iron doors!

Are Wrought Iron Doors Heavy?

Although wrought iron door parts aren’t particularly light, the door itself is not as heavy as you might think. Iron doors are easy to open and almost impossible to break through.

In other words, you won’t be able to feel the difference between an iron and a traditional door unless you try to break into the house. So, if you want the best security possible, you cannot go wrong with a wrought iron door.

Universal Iron Doors: The Science Behind Iron Door Hinges

Iron heavy duty hinge

Iron door manufacturers have different ways to provide an easy-to-open product and a functional design. At Universal Iron Doors, we use the pin-hinge system to simplify the door-opening process without making the door less secure.

We use two custom-made hinges to secure each part of the door. These hinges are designed to hold up to 1000 lbs each. Therefore, they will have no problem opening and closing your iron door whenever necessary. Overall, you shouldn’t feel any difference between your new iron door and your old wooden door.

Wrought Iron Door Security and Benefits

The security of wrought iron entry doors is arguably superior to any other type of door. Iron doors are almost impenetrable in most circumstances. They have a deterrent effect, making them less likely to be targeted by thieves and robbers.

Here are some additional benefits of these doors on top of increased security:

Custom french doors

  • Increased curb appeal: Because of their timeless and elegant designs, wrought iron doors add luxury and increase your home’s curb appeal. They also complement any type of outdoor home decoration, such as adding a unique contrast with an iron entry door surrounded by a garden.
  • Energy efficiency: You can purchase a thermally broken wrought iron door to prevent the elements from getting inside the house. The door also helps keep the warmth inside, meaning you’ll have to spend less on heating and cooling.
  • Custom-made models: You can customize your wrought iron door to your liking or to fit your home’s aesthetics. Or, you can choose between existing pivot doors, french models, and more.
  • Reduced need for maintenance: Wrought iron doors need less maintenance than traditional models because they are sturdy and resistant. These doors can last for generations without needing replacement if you take care of them.
  • Rust-resistant: We understand that the biggest fear of some homeowners is dealing with rusted doors. However, these doors are also rust-resistant, meaning you can install them even in extremely humid places.

Make Your Home Beautifully Secure with Universal Iron Doors

Are you looking for the most elegant and secure wrought iron doors? Look no further than Universal Iron Doors. We have a wide selection of models, ranging from traditional and classic to modern and luxurious. To learn more about our custom wrought iron door hardware, contact us today at 818-771-1003!