Your garage door is one of the most important parts of your home because of the protection it provides. When your garage door is broken or not functional, you might need to consider replacing it or restoring it.

Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. However, your budget is the most significant factor to consider.

The Difference Between Replacing vs. Restoring a Garage Door

There are different types of garage door damage with varying severity. Minor damage, such as small cracks and fading paint, can be restored without spending much. However, mild and severe damage can make repairing your garage door as expensive as replacing it.

Therefore, most people opt to replace old doors that have suffered mild and severe damage, as it brings more benefits to their home. A new garage door can improve your home’s curb appeal and safety. Additionally, depending on its design and material, it can enhance your home’s energy efficiency.

When Is It Time to Replace a Garage Door?

The question of when to replace a garage door can have multiple answers, depending on the area you live in and its climate. It will also depend on whether you use your garage door constantly or occasionally.

Here are some reasons to replace your garage door:

Damage and Age

The first reason to replace your garage door is that it is not functional anymore. Maybe it doesn’t open as smoothly as before, or some cracks have compromised its structural integrity. Damage and age can make it impossible to keep using your garage door, leading to safety problems.

When your garage door’s structural integrity is compromised, so is its ability to provide safety for your home and family. In that case, the best option would be to replace it with a model that can provide protection like a wrought iron garage door.

Improve Curb Appeal

Increasing your home’s curb appeal is another reason to consider replacing your old garage door. Wrought iron and frameless garage doors offer the best curb appeal for your home. They combine timeless designs with more luxury and elegance than traditional wooden options.

Increase Energy Efficiency

You might also want to increase your home’s energy efficiency. A wrought iron garage door can be thermally broken to help preserve the temperature inside your home. Therefore, you will waste less energy using your air conditioner or heater.

Benefits of Replacing a Garage Door

Garage Door

Here are some of the benefits of replacing your garage door:

  • A new garage door can increase your home’s resale value, especially if you choose a luxurious model. Wrought iron and glass are the most popular options for increasing a home’s worth.
  • If you are remodeling your home’s exterior design, replacing your old garage door can be an excellent idea. The right garage door will enhance your home’s overall style while creating a sense of continuity between your garage and the rest of your house.
  • Replacing your old garage door can also make your life at home easier and more peaceful. If your old garage door is making loud noises or takes forever to open and close, replacing it with a newer model can restore peace.

Find the Perfect Garage Door with Universal Iron Doors

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