Mediterranean style homes draw their influences from Greece, Italy, Spain, and Northern Africa. Whether you envision the Mediterranean sea or an Italian Tuscan style vacation home, you can add various elements of this timeless design style to your home.

The primary reason Mediterranean interior design is so popular is it does not rely on the latest interior design and home decor trends. Mediterranean homes never go out of style, no matter the latest trends.

So, if you are looking to update your home and do not want to have to worry about updating it each time trends change, then a modern Mediterranean style interior and exterior design are perfect for you.

Elements of Mediterranean Design to Incorporate into Your Home

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There are specific elements that define a Mediterranean design. While you can easily discover Mediterranean designed homes in California and Florida, this style is perfect for seaside homes, homes in warm weather areas, and those that equally draw upon Spanish influences.

To help you update your home, here are some of the key elements you will want to consider, including in your home renovation project, to give it a modern Mediterranean look and feel.

Exterior Design Styles

The exterior of Mediterranean style homes features terracotta roof tiles, wrought iron doors and windows, metalwork around balconies, concrete stucco walls painted white or an off-white color, and lightly colored brick accents.

Accent and trim colors can reflect colors of the sea, beach, and other regions, such as blues, browns, yellows, and lavenders. When choosing accent and trim colors, think about what you intend to do inside, so your colors outside will complement each other.

Interior Design Styles

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When it comes to the Mediterranean interior design, you have a wide range of options, as you can draw from any of the countries in the Mediterranean area. Some of the most common design elements you will find in Mediterranean style homes include:

Wood Beams

Exposed wood beams are a common design element found in many Mediterranean homes. The beam can be finished in a natural wood stain or painted.

Wrought Iron

Just like exterior doors and windows, the use of wrought iron inside the home is quite common on interior doors, stair railings, door handles, pull knobs, and more.


Tiled floors are a central theme in homes with a Mediterranean style. Tile colors can range from lightly colored marble and off-whites to natural brick and sea blues.

Neutral Colors

Another common theme you will discover in modern Mediterranean interiors is the use of neutral colors. Choosing neutral colors means your home will retain its Mediterranean influences, no matter what other colors are currently trending with interior designers.

Dark Wood

The use of dark wood for cabinets, drawers, and furniture is another common theme with the Mediterranean style. Natural-looking dark wood elements work well with the lighter neutral colors.

Neutral Tones

Furniture pieces that use fabrics should be neutral tones to further complement the dark wood pieces. White marble and granite are perfect choices for countertops that work well with the Mediterranean style.

Textured Walls

To give the walls more depth and a Mediterranean feel, textured walls are a must. You can use paint, glaze, or other finishing materials that create textures.

As you can see, you have several design options you can choose from to update your home to a Mediterranean design.

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