Why a Customized Iron Door?

If your eyes are considered the windows to your soul than the front door of your house is considered the entrance to the soul of your home. A stylish and customized iron door, besides adding valuable curb appeal, is the first impression of who lives inside. As a result, by customizing your door you can express yourself based on your likes and dislikes. Is your front door as welcoming as you?

Don’t go for a cookie cutter door

Your front door is as personal as you are so don’t sacrifice your individual style for a cookie cutter door that can be purchased anywhere, customize it! A wrought iron door is not only durable and corrosion resistant, but it can be distinctly designed to create an architectural accent. Remember, nothing beats grandma’s special cookies. Over the years, she’s tailored to gastronomical perfection. How disappointed would you be if she opened up a box of factory cookies?

wrought iron door being made . For more information go to our website at www.iwantthatdoor.comWhat is wrought iron?

“Wrought” comes from the verb “to work” so wrought iron basically means that it is iron that has been worked on. Cast iron is melted, then poured into a mold whereas wrought iron. It is heated and then molded by a skilled blacksmith. Having the ability to create handmade scroll work makes wrought iron a desirable option for home designers. Wrought iron is tough, malleable, and has tensile strength making it an excellent choice.

Experts agree

By having a custom iron door, the entrance of your house sets the tone for the rest of your home. From the Washington Post’s Home & Garden section, Jill Waage, executive editor of Better Homes and Gardens, remarked that front doors, “… speak to the personalization that people are doing all over their homes right now.” An awe inspiring front door is the most cost effective pre-sale investment you can make to your home.By upgrading the entrance to your home you are increasing your property value and ultimately putting money in the bank. It’s the best ROI that you give yourself.