Your front door is one of the most important parts of your home. Not only because of its functionality but because it plays such an important role in your home’s overall appearance and curb appeal. The right front door can enhance your property’s looks while making a statement about your personality and taste.

If what your neighbors will be saying about your doors is important, we have the right guide for you. We’ll also give you some interesting front door entryway ideas to help you choose the right option for your house!

What the Front Door Says About You (5 Main Types)

Here are five of the most common front door entrance ideas and what they say about your personality!

1. French Iron Doors – “Elegance and Tradition”

french iron doors

These doors use wrought iron frames and glass panels to create an elegant mix of contrasting materials. A French iron door can provide a luxurious look that perfectly fits more traditional home decorations. Apart from its curb appeal and timeless design, this door can also secure your home.

2. Pivot Doors – “A Modern Home for a Modern Person”

Iron pivot doors

Pivot doors are single panels with smooth openings that are much larger and wider than traditional doors. Whether they are wrought iron or glass, pivot doors are modern options for contemporary households. This type of door is a trend among forward-looking and industrial home styles because of its unique design.

3. Bifold Doors – “Eccentric, Fun, and Welcoming”

Bifold iron doors

A bifold or folding door can be opened by folding it to the side. It has unique functionality and a fun design that goes perfectly with outgoing and adventurous people. These doors are usually used for backyards, but it doesn’t mean you cannot use one as a front door.

4. Iron Doors – “Bold and Luxurious”

Exterior iron doors

A wrought iron door is a statement front door that can be as diverse as your style and personality. These luxury exterior doors are reliable, secure, and, above anything, elegant. Additionally, their timeless designs and durable builds mean your doors will last for generations to come.

5. Custom Iron Doors – “Unique with an Active Imagination”

Custom iron doors

A custom door, especially if it’s a wrought iron model, is the ultimate statement of uniqueness and creativity. No one else in your neighborhood will have the same front door. If you like that idea, we highly recommend this option.

Update Your Old Front Door with Universal Iron Doors

If you are looking to change your home’s outdoor design, you need to first think about the style you are looking to convey. Traditional and modern homes, for instance, can benefit from having a wrought iron front door, whether it is a pivot or French model.

At Universal Iron Doors, we have a wide selection of wrought iron front door models for all personalities. Each of these doors can be thermally broken and customized, and they provide the best possible durability.

If you want to show off a new front door to match your home’s style, check out our full catalog or contact us at 818-771-1003!