One of the bigger trends in architecture and home design in recent years is the modernization of the pivot door. Pivot doors, unlike standard swing or sliding doors, offer a unique mechanism that is both functional and beautiful. Iron entry doors that pivot rotate from either the center of the door or are offset, and they are quite striking. This central or side pivot point, rather than side hinges, allows for stunning architectural and practical design choices.

Interior pivot doors are often made of clear or frosted glass, with many options for material choices, like iron, stone, or wood. Exterior pivoting doors, like a pivoting front door, can also either be almost entirely glass or incorporate multiple elements.

What Are the Benefits of a Pivot Door?

There are several reasons why you would want to incorporate a pivot door into your home redesign or remodel:

Pivot Iron & Glass Door

  1. Aesthetics: Pivot doors are some of the most striking design elements you can bring into your home. Pivot doors can be clean and modern or warm and rustic, with customized materials and pivot centers, depending on your home. The larger, flat design of a glass pivot door can give the illusion that the door is just another window or wall, streamlining your home’s entire look.Pivot doors are unique in that they don’t need the doorframe as a structural element—this means your floor can be completely flat, with no threshold. A smaller clearance is needed as well, so you can make use of every last inch of your doorway.
  2. Stability: The pivot design allows for heavier doors since the weight of the door is held from below by the pivot point, rather than one side of the doorframe. This stability also allows for more fragile materials, like clear or frosted glass, to be better supported in the middle or offset.The weight allowance of a pivot door means doors can be much wider than a standard door, so glass pivot doors can be as large as windows if you’d like. This upgrade in weight allowance also means materials that may normally be too heavy, like stone or iron, can be used, making for a truly sturdy, beautiful door.
  3. Customization: One of the biggest advantages of pivot doors is how easily they can be customized to fit your lifestyle. They can replace French doors and iron patio doors, act as interior walls and exterior windows, and be an integral part of your design.

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