One of the hottest trends in home exterior design concerns frameless glass garage doors. They offer a modern, sleek, and luxurious look and appearance. Unlike conventional garage doors, frameless garage doors do not have a noticeable frame on the exterior. Instead, they have a smooth appearance that looks seamless.

What Are the Benefits of Frameless Garage Doors?

  • Extra Light – One of the primary benefits of glass garage doors is they allow more light into the garage. Depending on the glass selected, it is possible to see out from the garage—like with our mirrored glass—while people cannot see into the garage.
  • Insulated – One question people ask is “Are glass garage doors insulated because they are made from glass?” Yes, our glass garage doors use energy-efficient thermal glass that provides insulation to maintain the interior temperature of your garage year-round.
  • Improves Curb Appeal – One thing you will notice right away is that your neighbors will be envious of your new glass frameless garage doors. Plus, if you ever sell your home, you will quickly discover you can sell your home for more.
  • Versatility – Glass garage doors are not just for garages. Many people use this stylish garage door design for other areas of their home. For example, if you have a covered patio, you can install frameless garage doors in between the openings to quickly convert your patio into an enclosed space you can continue to enjoy in the colder fall and winter months.
  • Make Smaller Spaces Seem Larger – Another great benefit of frameless garage doors is they will make small garages and other spaces where you use them seem larger. This is because the extra light coming through makes it feel like the area is more open, so it feels larger.

Can Frameless Glass Garage Doors Be Custom Designed?

One of the top reasons people purchase frameless glass garage doors is because they offer the flexibility and freedom to custom design and create a unique garage door for your home. You can choose from wrought iron or steel for the underlying frame, as well as the number and size of each frame.

Additionally, there are several different types of glass you can select from that best fit your needs, aesthetics, and personal tastes. Yet, it is worth noting that mirrored glass is the most popular glass choice since it adds an extra layer of privacy.

frameless glass garage door

Do Frameless Garage Doors Work with an Automatic Opener?

Since the interior side of the door has the frame and support for the glass, you can connect the door to an automatic garage door opener.

What Types of Maintenance Do Glass Garage Doors Require?

Maintaining glass garage doors is not difficult. You should clean the glass panels using an approved glass cleaner recommended by the manufacturer. The only other maintenance is annual or bi-annual inspections of the mechanics of the door by your garage door technician to ensure everything is lubricated and working correctly.

Can I Order Custom Frameless Garage Doors Online?

You can order custom frameless garage doors online at Universal Iron Doors by filling out our inquiry form or contacting us directly at 818-771-1003. We will work with you at every step of the design and creation process, including providing details on how to measure your door and offering advice on the frame materials and glass options that would be best for your new garage door.

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