Iron Door in Mount Olympus, LA

Universal Iron Doors, was commissioned to design and install a massive iron door with arched transom on a new estate in the upscale neighborhood of Mount Olympus, Los Angeles. With its elaborate design the fabrication of this door took 300 man hours to create. Including the transom the door measures 9’ x 18’ and weighs over a 1000 pounds.

The beautiful door with its ornate scroll work will give the façade of the estate a European elegance, which was the goal of the client. The glue chip pattern glass that was selected, which is a very popular choice for Victorian windows, will provide the foyer of the home with ample light while slightly obscuring the transparency for privacy. The door was coated with a dark copper finish that enhances the details of the scroll work.


For installation a team of six men and a boom lift were required for this huge undertaking. First the door jamb with integrated sidelights gets set in place. Next the transom was carefully positioned with the boom lift. After making sure all the elements were level the door was placed on its hinges and the operable glass was mounted. Amazingly it only took one day to professionally install this door!  It was an impressive sight to watch these professionals fill the wide open space with a wrought iron door that will last a lifetime and bring much joy to the owner.