Do you know what is the first thing people notice, when they walk into your house? It is always your

front doors.

First impressions last a lifetime and making the best first impression is essential. So are you looking to

change the doors in your current house? Or do you have a new house that you’re still choosing the

doors for? Why not choose iron doors for your current or new house?

What are the benefits of having an Iron Door?

When you are renovating your house, or when you buy a new house, it is always difficult to decide on

any one option for so many rooms. Doors are always one of the most difficult tasks to choose due to the

large variety of styles of doors, colors, and materials available.

If you are looking for a door that will withstand wear and tear through the years, while retaining its

beauty, then purchasing and fitting an iron door into your house will be the most suitable option for

you. It will also be a decision that you will never regret later on.

Some of the advantages of having iron doors in your house are:

Better Security and Safety

Security is always a significant factor for every house and your doors must always be strong and must

always be locked. A custom iron door is a heavy and durable boundary that protects your house from

any trespassers. Due to the fact that the door is so substantial, especially if you get it in a gauge style,

burglars will think twice before even trying to trespass on your land.

Engraved Beauty

Iron doors are usually handcrafted and very unique and elegant in style. There are many designs to

choose from, including endless curves, angles, abstract designs and shapes that can be made onto your

door. It is up to you to choose what suits your house and your lifestyle.

iron doors

Extra Durability

An iron door will last you many years depending on the kind of weather you live in. Nevertheless, a

custom iron door that is infused with steel can endure any of harsh conditions that it is faced with. Our

Iron Doors are customized as per your taste, durability and to satisfy you with the highest quality of


Types of Iron Doors

Universal Iron Doors is an iron door company that is being run by two brothers who have successfully

managed to keep the company going strong for over a decade. We provide a vast range of custom iron

doors as well as French iron doors. Here, you will find a list of just some of the variety of iron doors that

we offer:

Bellagio Square Top

Crystalina Eyebrow Top

Diamond 2 Square Top

Fontana Square Top