How well the exterior of your business looks is what makes the first impression on potential customers or clients visiting your business. Even if you already spoke to the customer or client on the phone, they are getting their first impression of your business when they arrive at your location.

If the parking lot is in disrepair, signage is missing, broken, or doesn’t work, the exterior needs to be painted, the sidewalk is in bad shape, and the doors look generic, it can make a negative first impression. It does not matter if the interior is decked out to the nines in the latest trendiest styles.

Most of these things are easy to maintain—like hiring a general contractor to take care of exterior maintenance to keep the business looking great. You could also hire a landscaping company to add some greenery outside the entrance and other areas.

Don’t be afraid to change up your business exterior design too. Paint the building a new color with a complementary trim color. Add some neon signage. Add more lighting around the building and parking lot if you are open at night. Replace plain, generic-looking doors with new custom iron doors.

Making improvements will help get your business noticed. Your overall objective is to ensure your curb appeal looks great all the time to make the best first impression on your customers or clients.

Even if your business’s exterior is in tip-top shape, at the very least you should consider upgrading to wrought iron entry doors for these reasons:

1. Iron Exterior Doors Improve Curb Appeal

Want to get noticed? With iron exterior doors, you will! Iron doors make your business stand out from all the other businesses in your area. It is not uncommon for entire shopping complexes to use the same “cookie-cutter” design for all businesses in the complex, and it makes them hard to distinguish from one another.

2. Iron Entry Doors Boosts Your Property Value

Another great reason to upgrade the entry doors on your business to wrought iron doors is they will increase the value of your property. Should you ever outgrow your existing space and want to sell it, you will find it easier to get a higher price for the building because it has wrought iron doors that any business owner would want for their business too!

3. Wrought Iron Doors Improve the Security of Your Business

Think it about for a moment. You are a would-be thief casing out different businesses in your area. Would you want to attempt to try to break down a wrought iron door with intricate ironwork and heavy-duty glass? Or would you want to break into a business with run-of-the-mill “cookie-cutter” entry doors?

Wrought iron doors are more foreboding to most thieves. So, typically, they will not even attempt to break into businesses with custom iron doors.

4. Unique Designs and Customizations

You don’t have to be stuck with a standard metal door framed around glass with boring-looking glass windows around the sides of the entry doors. You can choose from a wide range of unique designs and customizations to accompany your new iron exterior doors, such as arched entryways, side jambs, head jambs, and so on.

5. Makes Your Business Have a More Upscale Feel

Wrought iron entry doors are often synonymous with prestige. Nothing says you care about your business and your customers or clients more than having elegant iron doors with detailed ironwork. Wrought iron doors truly make the statement that your business is your pride and joy just as much as your customers and clients.

6. Adds a Touch of Beauty to Your Business

triple custom wrought iron french doors

Iron doors are also beautiful and can go a long way in boosting the first impression your business makes on customers and clients. For business owners, the beauty of the iron doors is about the detailed designs, the craftsmanship of the ironwork, and how the door is more like a work of art than an entry door to the business.

7. Iron Entry Doors Are Easy to Maintain

Wrought iron is not hard to maintain. You wash the door with a mild detergent, rinse it off, and dry it with a soft cloth. Wrought iron doors have a special coating over the iron that makes the doors rust-resistance. If this coating is scratched, it is easy to fix, by reapplying the coating or some touch-up paint to protect the iron.

8. Avoid Excessive Fingerprint Problems

Have you ever noticed that when you walk out of a business with plain, generic metal-framed glass doors, the one glaring thing that sticks out are all those fingerprints on the glass? With iron entry doors, you don’t have to worry about fingerprints when you have special door handles and ornamentation added to the doors to prevent people from touching the glass.

Since most people appreciate the beauty and prestige of wrought iron doors, they tend to show them a higher level of “respect” than typical plain entry doors.

9. Never Worry About Replacing Your Entry Doors Again

Custom iron doors are designed to last a long time, thanks to their strength and durability. As long as the entry doors are well-maintained, they may never even need to be replaced. However, many business owners do replace their iron doors every so often, just to keep up with the latest design trends and to ensure their businesses continue to stand out from the competition in a good way.

10. Iron Exterior Doors Help Save You Money

Who doesn’t like saving money? By upgrading your business exterior design to include iron exterior doors, you will save money in several ways. First, iron doors are insulated, unlike most standard business entry doors. Insulated doors help reduce how much heating and cooling is lost when people enter and exit the business.

Second, due to their strength and durability, you won’t have money going out for door replacements as often, if ever. Not to mention, the door maintenance is simple and easy so maintenance and repair costs are very little.

As you can see, investing in custom iron doors can help you make a great first impression on your customers and clients. Yet, having prestigious iron doors is not enough. You still need to ensure your parking lot, landscaping, sidewalks, exterior paint, windows, signage, and so on are also well-maintained and look their best all the time.

  • Please Note: If you are renting or leasing your building, get permission from your landlord first to upgrade to custom iron doors. Your landlord may want you to retain the existing doors and have them put back up should you decide to move out later.

Your landlord might even decide to cover the costs of the doors and installation since it means, if you do ever move out, they can command a higher rental rate from the next tenant.

What Types of Iron Exterior Doors Are Available for Businesses?

Iron Bi-Fold Doors

Just like other types of exterior doors, there are many different styles and designs of wrought iron doors available for businesses, as follows:

  • Traditional Iron Doors: These doors are perfect for office-type businesses and doctor offices. They may also be appropriate for certain restaurants and retailers. They offer detailed ornamentation, unique designs, and different configurations to fit a wide array of entryways.
  • French Iron Doors: This style of wrought iron door is well-suited for restaurants, hotels, luxury resorts, and more. They make it easy to see inside the business while, at the same time, provide a touch of class and elegance.
  • Pivot Iron Doors: One of the latest and hottest trends in iron doors is the pivot door. These doors are wider and open on a pivot. They are perfect for all types of businesses with large entryways. They can also be used inside the business in various areas like conference rooms, private meeting rooms, patio doors, etc.
  • Bi-Fold Iron Doors: Bi-fold iron doors fold in half and slide out of the way. They are perfect for patio doors, pool deck doors, and other locations where you want to be able to open doors and allow fresh air inside at your business, hotel, golf resort, etc.

Each of these door styles and designs can also be customized with various features, options, and more.

For help finding and selecting the perfect iron entry doors for your business, please feel free to browse our selections online now! You can also contact Universal Iron Doors at 818-771-1003 for further information about our customization options and designing custom iron doors or to request a free quote today!