We have been making the best iron door of the market.

The are many things to look for when choosing an Iron Door for your home. We have been in the business for a long time and we know what customers want and need in a good quality Iron Door. Our Iron Doors are made with 12 gauge steel, they are pre-hung and tested for quality assurance. All of our doors include a dual pained glass, and frame. The glass is hinged and opens for ease of access and cleaning. They are primed and painted with a faux finish. There are no visible welds. All doors contain a polyurethane foam insulation, and heavy-duty weather stripping. Doors are pre-drilled for handles and locks. We also do custom fitting and designs.

The challenge of creating affordable iron doors is somewhat an ongoing battle. As the price of materials increase, many companies struggle to maintain quality without increasing price dramatically. If you look for the top 10 tips in this post, you will be able to find the high quality doors that you want without draining your bank account.

Top 10 tips for choosing a quality Iron door

  1. Door is made with 12 gauge tubing and solid forgings.
  2. Door is injected with polyurethane foam for insulation.
  3. Heavy duty ball bearing hinges should each hold 1000 pounds of weight.
  4. Door jamb with integrated threshold prevents wear and tear from foot traffic.
  5. Integrated Brackets on door jamb allow for easy installation.
  6. Dual paned operable glass for easy cleaning and ventilation.
  7. Heavy duty foam weather stripping installed to prevent leaks.
  8. Door is rust resistant and primed.
  9. Door is pre-drilled for handles and locks.
  10. Practical and functional design