If you’re a cautious homeowner who is looking for the best wrought iron doors, in your research, you may have stumbled across the term “thermally broken” before. That sounds bad, right? Usually, the word “broken” has a negative connotation, especially with regards to windows or doors, so it’s understandable if you’re confused (and a bit worried) by this term, but some of the highest quality of metal front doors and windows on the market are “thermally broken.”

So, what does “thermally broken” mean? It refers to the thermal bridge that is broken, causing a thermal break. Still confused? Let’s break it down even further.

What Are Thermally Broken Doors?

A thermal break is super important for windows and doors, whether they are interior or exterior—and it all comes down to the frame. First, let’s discuss what a “thermal bridge” is. While it sounds like a good thing, a thermal bridge is going to cost you a lot in energy bills and energy loss, whether that’s heat or cold.

Basically, materials like concrete, aluminum, wood, and iron can all conduct heat. So, if there is a thermal bridge between these materials, such as across a window or door, that traveling energy is easily lost through the material—glass, iron, etc. This can affect your home’s energy efficiency, as well as your own comfort—you want to keep hot summer months and cold winter days at bay.

A “thermal break,” then, is when that thermal bridge is broken—in essence, massively reducing the window or door’s ability to conduct and lose your home’s heat—and the heat, cold, and outside noise, which we’ll cover in a moment, are reduced immensely. How is that done?

How Do Thermally Broken Doors Work?

As we’ve already discussed, a thermally broken door has its thermal bridge broken—but how is that achieved?

To break a thermal bridge across windows and doors, such as iron entry doors, a break needs to be added to the window or door frame. This is done by the addition of an insulated, reinforced polyamide bar that is fit into the inside and outside of the frame. Don’t worry. This will be done before your double-glazed window or new iron french doors are installed.

Other considerations when choosing a thermally broken door will be installing proper wall insulation and wall studs before your project is complete. If this isn’t possible, that’s okay! Ensuring your doors and windows are thermally broken will go far in keeping your home more energy efficient.

top ornamental iron doors with transom and sidelights

What Are the Benefits of Thermally Broken Doors?

While some of the benefits of having thermally broken iron exterior doors might be apparent, let’s dive into the considerable number of benefits you might not have thought about.

  1. Energy efficiency: As we’ve already discussed a bit, thermal breaks in doors and windows greatly reduce the frame’s ability to conduct and lose or take in heat and cold. This means in the summer your home won’t be as warm when temperatures rise outside, and the heat seeps in—this also means the air conditioning won’t have to be cranked as high. In the winter, you won’t feel those drafty spots, need to shove towels around the frame to keep out the cold, or spend more money to keep the heater up high. Comfort and money savings = win/win.
  2. Reduction in noise: Just like heat and cold, your window and doors can pass noise across thermal bridges. Weird, right? So, a thermally broken metal front door will help keep your house quieter from traffic and street noise and keep your home more acoustically private.
  3. Flexibility: Thermally broken doors work anywhere. Whether you are looking at tough wrought iron security doors or iron patio doors, thermally broken doors work inside and outside your home. They can be customized for your particular needs—strange-sized windows, odd-shaped doors, you name it—so the dimensions and details are up to you.
  4. Aesthetics: Thermally broken doors are beautiful! Any design or aesthetic you need for your home is possible. Bold and classic or Art Deco? Check. Ornate Italian or Art Nouveau? Done. The style options are endless and fully customizable, and they look great, so you won’t have to change them out unless your style changes. You can match your exterior doors to your interior doors, all while allowing natural light to fill your home.

perisian square top round double entry iron doors

  1. Security: Iron entry doors that are thermally broken are incredibly safe and add an extra layer of security, both visually and physically, to your property. No need to add extra prison-like bars or wire to protect the glass.
  2. Resale value: You’re probably not thinking of selling your home just yet, but, when you are ready to put your house on the market, thermally broken doors add incredible value for homebuyers. They are an investment not just for yourself now, but for your future.
  3. Durability: One of the biggest concerns you might have about a thermally broken door is its durability. Can a thermally broken iron patio door withstand the test of time? Yes. Extreme temperatures, extreme weather, and everyday wear are no match for a quality door. Thermally broken iron doors are also easy to maintain, so you won’t have to worry about upkeep. Many have hinged glass, making cleaning a breeze, and the finishes and glazes used will keep the doors from corroding.

How Do I Get a Thermally Broken Door Installed?

There are a few things you’ll want to do to get new thermally broken iron entry or patio doors installed in your home.

You’ll want to consult with a contractor or a representative from a reputable place like Universal Iron Doors. We can look over your home and determine if it’s structurally sound and what dimensions and styles will be most beneficial, and we can work with you on your budget. While you can have custom doors shipped to you, it’s best to contact the pros first.

Getting a free consultation and quote is a perfect way to address any questions or concerns you might have about having thermally broken iron doors installed and how to care for them. When it’s time to install your new doors, the process is also relatively easy and customized to your needs. First, rubber weather stripping is installed around the frames of the door and glass. Then, a custom-fit door sweep is installed underneath the door to further create that secure seal. Any door locks and hinges are installed after this initial process is finished.

At Universal Iron Doors, we are committed to giving you the best service we can, no matter how large or small your project is. If you are looking for beautiful custom iron doors that are crafted with a critical eye for detail, energy efficient, and of the highest quality, get in touch with us today. For more information, call us at 1-818-771-1003 or fill in our form online at www.iwantthatdoor.com for a quote!