Aesthetics Of Metal Doors

Metal doors add a certain style to your home, and no one doubts that. What you do with the doors after they are installed can either add or detract from their stately appearance. Metal doors present a very tricky design element even for expert interior design teams. Here are three useful tips to keep in mind to enhance the aesthetics of your iron doors.

Initial Design

You are at a decided advantage if your are the initial purchaser of the metal doors. This allows you control over the design of the doors themselves. Moreover, it also guarantees that you can tie all of the doors and railings in your property together. Be careful of adding a design element that is a passing fad or gives a personal statement that no one else will understand. These doors are designed to last for many years, you can lower your property value by installing metalwork with a bad design.


The human eye and mind are attracted to symmetry: in other people and design elements. Though your home will never be considered truly elegant without a sense of symmetry throughout, an hodge-podge of different designs throughout your home may be acceptable. By incorporating the same design in all of the metal doors and railings in and on your home, you provide the symmetry that will subconsciously be pleasing to visitors.

As A Centerpiece

No other part of your home will be able to overshadow metal doors. The sheer size and uniqueness of the doors make it impossible to understate them. You have to take advantage of that. Place flowers on tall bases near entrance ways. Use material runners woven through railings or a tapestry nearby. Any number of small elements can be used to accent the door, however  never try to overshadow it. The result will just be gaudy.

Adding metal and Design

Each of these tips can cut both ways. If you add metal doors and railings to a home that do not match, if the design is not carefully thought out, or you try to overpower the dignity of the doors, you will have a debacle on your hands. Yet carefully thought and planning before you install metal doors can add value and marketability to your home, while insuring that it is a thing of beauty for generations to come.