The front door of your home creates a welcoming first impression and may receive more use than any other door in your home. Iron front entry doors may be the best investment you can make for your home or business, based on these incredible benefits of high-quality front entry doors.

The Benefits of Installing New Front Entry Doors

Some of the reasons to choose high-quality steel, iron core, or wrought iron front doors for your building include:

  • Improving curb appeal with a stylish, updated, and beautiful front entry door
  • Increasing resale value by almost the entire price of a high-quality set of iron front doors
  • Creating the best possible first impression for visitors, guests, and business clients
  • Enhancing home security by securing the front entry with a door as strong as the steel locks that hold it
  • Reducing maintenance, repair, and painting costs over the lifetime of your door
  • Providing a broad array of styles and looks that can be customized to match any home decor or exterior theme
  • Restoring a historic or replica-style home with customized, matching wrought iron front doors
  • Offering a fade-resistant entry door which will not swell, rot, or warp, providing many years of smooth, reliable operation
  • Increasing energy efficiency with perfectly hung and fitted doors complete with insulation and a weather-tight seal
  • Resisting weather even in extremely cold, rainy, or windy environments

The Advantages of Iron Front Entry Doors Over Other Types

house facade with entrance portal

Iron, steel, and wrought iron entry doors offer advantages over other types of construction, which should guide your choice of a front entry door. Some of these factors are based on climate, environment, and local building codes.

  • Fiberglass and plastic core doors fade quickly and can be shattered or broken by a hard impact.
  • Wood doors require regular maintenance, often rot in damp climates, fade in direct sunlight, or warp in environments with extremes of heat and cold.
  • Composite doors take paint well but are less durable than iron entry doors, and finished surfaces can appear fake while fading in the sun over time.
  • Aluminum doors usually lack insulation, and the powder coat finish may pit or degrade to a dull, chalky finish.
  • Most doors that are not made of steel or iron will require replacement more often, along with the associated door jams and window surrounds, making iron front doors a cost-effective and long-term solution.

Choosing a New Front Entry Door for Your Home

Choosing a new entry door is an important decision, as you will be living with it and using it daily for a very long time. Settling for whatever is waiting at a local home improvement store will limit your choices and may not provide the security or style you want for your investment.

Selecting a door with quality construction, a full warranty, professional installation, and next-day shipping will open a world of possibilities to create the warm and welcoming entrance you will be delighted to return to every day. At Universal Iron Doors, we provide not just the best in iron entry doors, but the expertise to help you select the perfect doors to match your climate and your application.

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