Selecting a wrought iron exterior door for your home or business is a beautiful finishing touch to your property, but, to keep your door looking good, you’ll need to take some simple steps to prevent rust and keep your door in pristine condition.

Read on for everything you need to know about preventing rust and other damage to wrought iron exterior doors.

Do Iron Doors Rust?

Rust happens when the iron is oxidized after being exposed to moisture. Rust can happen to all metal fixtures and fittings, and wrought iron doors are no exception.

However, some conditions make iron doors more likely to rust than others. People who live close to the coast or in high humidity areas should pay more regular attention to iron door maintenance than those in drier climates.

What causes iron doors to rust?

First, you should understand the cause of rust and other damage to wrought iron doors:

  1. Not Cleaning Regularly

Leaving your iron doors to brave the elements without cleaning them for a long time is a sure way to encourage rust to take hold.

  1. Abrasive Chemicals

Abrasive chemicals or acidic substances will cause damage to the finish of your door.

  1. Leaving Water on Your Door

Since moisture causes rust, it’s important to keep your iron door as dry as possible.

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How do I prevent rust on iron doors?

Preventing the development of rust involves regular cleaning and avoiding exposure to those chemicals and materials that will cause damage to your iron exterior door.

How do I clean regularly and thoroughly?

Cleaning your door should be done in a specific way to avoid causing the damage you are trying to avoid. Here are some steps to show you how to clean wrought iron doors.

  1. Create an alkaline soap mixture or use a store-bought cleaner that is specifically recommended for use on iron doors.
  2. Use a non-abrasive cloth. Abrasive cloths can damage your iron door, further exposing it to the rust you are trying to prevent.
  3. Gently but thoroughly clean the wrought iron door with the soapy mixture and non-abrasive cloth.
  4. Use a hose to rinse off the soapy mixture
  5. Thoroughly dry the iron door with a separate clean, non-abrasive cloth. It is important not to let the water dry on the door.

Never use abrasive cleaners.

Abrasive chemicals can cause irreparable damage to your iron door. Abrasive cleaners (which include many common surface sprays) should not be used.

Never let water dry on the door.

Ensuring the door is thoroughly dry after cleaning helps prevent rust, but it also ensures no staining will occur on your door. Chemicals from soap and minerals found in the water can stain and damage your iron door’s appearance.

Now Choose Your Door

Now that you know how to care for your wrought iron doors, which style will you choose for your home or business? Check out our live inventory of fully customizable iron doors here on the website or give Universal Iron Doors a call today: (818) 771-1003.