When you are custom designing wrought iron doors, your ironsmith will need to know if you prefer round bars or square bars in your door’s design. This decision will affect the aesthetic styling of the door. It can influence whether the door will look like a traditional iron door or a more modern contemporary iron door.

Round Bars vs. Square Bars: What’s the Difference?

The first thing you need to know is what wrought iron door bars mean. Bars are a section of wrought iron that is stretched, rolled, and shaped while it is hot. The bar is then attached to the door’s frame to create ornate scrollwork based on your design specifications.

Some of the scrollwork can be decorative purposes with flourishes of curved sections that look like vines or even be finished with decorative items like leaves, flowers, and so on. The primary function of iron scrollwork on front doors, however, is to provide added security while making your home look gorgeous.

As the bars are being made, they are often extruded through dies to create a square or round bar. Square and round bars can also be twisted to make a swirl-like design. The main difference between round bars vs. square bars is that round bars have rounded corners and square bars do not.

Round Bars vs. Square Bars: How Do They Influence Style?

The design aesthetic of your custom handcrafted wrought iron door will change based on the type of bars you select. For example, if you are going for a modern contemporary look and feel, then you will want to use round bars in your iron door design.

On the other hand, if you want a traditional or minimalist style iron door design, then square bars are a better choice. You could even come up with a new door design and use a combination of both round bars and square bars.

For more intricate designs, it is common to use a combination of bar styles, intricate patterns, detailed scrollwork, and ornamental objects like flowers, leaves, etc. The most important thing to remember is that the door design is entirely up to you. You can have contemporary iron doors created for your home that match your tastes and style.

Round Bars vs. Square Bars: How They Fit with Different Home Styles

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If your home has a specific design style, such as Spanish or Mediterranean style, then you will want to choose the right bars to fit with the home. In this case, round bars are the better choice for these two home styles.

On the other hand, if your home has a more Victorian, Tudor, or Neoclassical style, then square bars on your wrought iron doors will better suit your home’s style. If you are looking for a minimalist style for a modern designed home, square bars are also a good choice since they do not have all the flourishes and ornate designs of round bars.

Round Bars vs. Square Bars: How Do I Decide?

With so many designs and decisions to make regarding your custom wrought iron door, you may feel like you cannot decide. One thing you can do is drive around your neighborhood to see what style of wrought iron doors your neighbors have.

Another option is to pull up images of various wrought iron door designs on your smartphone and stand in front of your home. Hold the phone up so the image covers your front door. Ask yourself how well the door fits with your home’s style and your preferences.

Your ironsmith is also a great resource to use. They are happy to review images of your home to help you decide whether round bars or square bars or a combination of both would be best for your new wrought iron door.

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