When you think about railings…wait, that’s just it, who thinks about railings? At Universal Iron Doors, WE think about railings and it’s our thoughts that make custom railings something to talk about.


When you run up the stairs of your home or stroll along the second floor of a local shopping mall, you probably don’t give much thought to what’s protecting you from falling off the edge. A good, steady railing is something that we take for granted but it’s a necessary structure that doesn’t have to always remain in the foreground. Whether your home or office has a short staircase or a five story winding spiral, choosing a functional as well as stylish railing can make a statement to the overall aesthetics of your environment.


We may not know where Romeo is but we know where Juliet would be if she didn’t have a solid railing outside of her balcony, she would have fallen into the rose bushes below. Besides protection, a railing can add value to your home. Why settle for boring safety rails when you can have a Shakespeare worthy design? At Universal Iron doors we have designs to choose from or we can custom design a railing to specifically fit the needs of your home or office.


Art is everywhere and can also be right where you are. You may not take notice of railings when you’re out and about but you would if they made an artistic statement. Take a good close look at your home–the front stoop, the stairs, the backyard fence—all of those can be enhanced with a stylish rail. The simple adornments that you make to your home now can enhance the overall appearance and ultimately increase the worth of your house.