There’s a good chance that the design of your iron door was very popular 2,000 years ago.

While many modern designs often contain a combination of many cultural and stylistic influences, a closer look reveals only a few common designs. In many cases, these designs have been popular for thousands of years, having origins in some of humanity’s earliest civilizations.

One of the most popular and widespread examples is scrollwork, an ornamental design characterized by linked spirals resembling partially opened scrolls and floral patterns. While still extremely common in ironwork and jewelry today, the earliest examples of scrollwork are traceable to 1800 BC. By the 5th century AD, scrollwork designs had spread to India, China, and other areas of Asia for use in architecture, pottery, jewelry, and even textiles.

Other examples of longstanding styles include filigree and acanthus, both of which come from the areas surrounding Ancient Greece and Rome. From antiquity to the modern era, these designs have graced countless examples of art and architecture throughout the world—including iron doors!

While many styles and designs come and go, only these few are here to stay. For more design inspiration (and a little history), see our infographic below. You may be surprised to learn just how long your favorite designs have been around!

Origins of Popular Iron Designs Infographic

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