If your dream home has clean lines, metallic touches, neutral shades with bright pops of color, and similar elements, you are likely a fan of modern interior design. These tips will help to bring contemporary design elements to your home for a fresh, new look.

The Focus of Modern Design

Modern design achieves its simple and subtle sophistication by focusing on shape, space, and color. This allows for a home where every room looks streamlined and current. This style requires several elements to come together to be successful.

Neutral Colors with Bright Shades

Neutrals like white and black, when paired with accents in bold and bright colors, effectively define modern design. Keeping the idea of space in mind, any room painted in a neutral shade will appear lighter and larger when accents in bright colors are placed around the room. If the walls are brightly colored, neutral accents will maintain the contemporary look.

An Open Floor Plan

The open floor plan is an essential element of modern design. The open plan removes dividing walls, usually in common areas, for better traffic flow and more of a sense of openness within a space. Common areas for open floor plans include open space between a dining and living room and a kitchen and a dining room.

Strong Lines

Lines are an important element of contemporary style because they help to define a space. Therefore, if you want to achieve this style in your home, it’ll become important to ensure any lines are strong and very visible. A line can be anything from a detail in the architecture and art in a geometric shape to the border of a high ceiling and bright blocks of color.


reflection square top door

Modern home design simply wouldn’t be the same without metals. Chrome, stainless steel, and nickel are all ideal choices when adding metals to your home. Swapping out old kitchen appliances for those in stainless steel will have plenty of impact. For home accents, consider metal shelving, art, and lamps to add that modern touch.

Industrial Elements

In addition to incorporating metals, another way to achieve modern design is via the addition of industrial elements. Glass, concrete, and steel are all now used as building materials; if your home doesn’t already include these industrial elements, they can be added in the form of finishes, lighting, and artwork.

Another ideal and incredibly durable industrial element is iron. While it can be incorporated in the form of cookware and light fixtures, there is another way to add iron in an instantly modern and impressive way.

Luxury Iron Doors

The principles of contemporary style can also be applied to the outside of your home.  Unlike other door materials, a modern iron door offers longevity and durability, and it will make an instant impression on visitors. Universal Iron Doors are completely customizable and made with no fewer than 150 years of blacksmithing experience. Find your modern iron front door now by browsing our online inventory or calling 818-771-1003.