Metal doors have played an important role in home design over the centuries. We all can bring to mind the images of iron gates on castles from days gone by. More recently, iron doors meant bars in conjunction with traditional entrance doors. These doors were meant as a theft deterrent and were not as a home design element. Today, metal and fiber doors can be used to insulate a home as well as add a solid theft deterrent. The future of iron doors could be with a door so light and easy to manufacture, that they can be afforded by everyone.


Skipping over the medieval applications of metal doors, you can fast forward to the unattractive nakedness of the protective iron bars that are commonly seen in large cities where burglaries are rampant. A simple door that is effective for its purpose, but about as unattractive as it could be. Metal doors that were meant for home design were too expensive for anyone less than a millionaire.


Today, metal doors are an affordable commodity. It is easy to incorporate your own designs into a custom made door as well as an entryway, gate, or garage door. One of the basic tenants of traditional home design is to incorporate a single design throughout a home or property. The flow that this design adds to your décor creates the touch of elegance that you were seeking from the beginning.


Modern metal doors incorporate metals, veneers, and glass to create a design that is pleasing to the eye and very functional. Ever evolving forging techniques and improvements in welding technology are constantly improving the quality or these doors. How does that relate to home design? Easy, these improvements allow designers to have more versatility in their designs. Improved techniques also generates lower costs, making high quality doors affordable to a wider range of people.

Past, present, and future; metal doors have been, and will be, adding different dimensions to home design. By teaming with a designer you can add your personal touch to the flow of your interior design. Why not use metal doors to bring your home design into the 21st century?