There is a tendency to ignore the garage door when improving your home security. Some common misconceptions may leave you without iron garage doors or other necessities to secure the largest entrance to your home. Let’s assess the security features and practices that will make your garage door truly secure.

Garage Door Openers Can Let Intruders In

Starting with how you regularly enter the garage yourself, let’s look at the ultra-convenient garage door opener. Most automatic “clicker” garage door openers transmit their code each time they are used.

Not only can this code be intercepted, allowing a tech-savvy crook the ability to open your garage door when you aren’t home, but just having a garage door opener visible inside your vehicle might allow access if it is stolen.

There are garage door openers that use a rolling-code which changes each time they are used, helping to stop code-based hacks, but additional steps are needed to keep out the unwanted.

A Door Is Only as Strong as the Lock

Closing a typical garage door does not engage a lock. Someone who wants to gain access can use the emergency release by snagging the cord from outside or a car jack to raise the door or slip it off the tracks.

A strong lock makes all the difference in preventing break-ins through the garage door, especially if they are wired into the home security system and lock when the rest of the home is secured.

How Strong Is Your Garage Door Itself?

Strong locks and secure best practices depend on the integrity of the garage door itself. Many garage doors are made of wood and plastic or vinyl. Some are hollow-core panels, and all of these materials cannot protect against entry by blunt force. A crowbar or steel pipe would easily be able to penetrate and break apart these flimsy garage doors.

For the best home security possible, you should consider iron, steel, or wrought iron garage doors. By having a door as secure as its locking system, you encourage most home intruders to move on and choose an easier target.

The Security Benefits of Iron Garage Doors

Brick stone driveway double garage doors pano

Iron, steel, or wrought iron security doors have benefits for all home entry points, but especially in the large scale of a set of garage doors. Just some of the reasons to choose iron garage doors include:

  • Greater strength and durability when compared to wood, fiberglass, composite, and plastic construction
  • A heavier weight, which makes them difficult to lift or break through manually and more impervious to animal entry, insect damage, and pests
  • Better value for your investment with less maintenance and a lifetime of aesthetic beauty in a single purchase
  • Improved energy efficiency with a well-insulated steel or iron garage door, saving on home heating and cooling costs and making the garage into useful workshop space
  • Stylish and custom options available to fit your modern, traditional, or even historic home to restoration standards or with a bold new look your neighbors will envy

Selecting the Best Iron Garage Doors for Home Security

By balancing all of these benefits, you may want to add a locking steel or iron garage door to your home security system immediately or decide that a custom wrought iron garage door is the finishing touch that your home’s exterior needs.

Our team at Universal Iron Doors will show you how workmanship, customer service, customized solutions, and professional installation can bring stylish security to your southern California home or business. We even ship the most secure and beautiful iron doors nationwide with next-day shipping. Maybe it is time to close up the gaping hole in your home’s security with a new garage door from Universal Iron Doors.