There was a time when iron doors meant a drab set of bars to cover your door and help deter burglars. Eventually, ornamental iron doors can be used as a main design tool or to compliment other, existing design elements. These doors to not necessarily have to be relegated to your front entrance, either. With today’s technology and forging methods iron works can be used throughout your home and property.

Ornamental Iron Doors In The Entryway

This is the first place that ornamental iron doors are normally placed in a home and usually the only one. Besides, beautiful design element, iron doors will fall short if your walkway and landscaping are not used to incorporate a sense of style. A decorative overhang can be added to smaller entrance doors to really sell the theme you have in mind.

Garage Doors

Ornamental iron garage doors can be used on the garage. For those of you who collect cars, these heavy duty doors can add a security feature for your collection. Their main purpose in your home’s design, though is to tie the overall design into aspects of the property beyond the front door. This adds a sense of flow that accentuates the interior design. Yet it adds element that only the more tasteful designers will add.


While the stairway railing is not a typical iron door, it can be produced with the same design as your front entrance and; therefore, immediately tie your design together. It will seem as if your home just naturally flows from the door to the upper floors. It is an understatement of design that immediately adds elegance to your home.

However often seem a bit garish if other design elements are not used to compliment the look, ornamental iron doors add elegance to any home. Pure design seeks to flow naturally and needs to have a continuity of the basic design. You can fulfill your design goals best by incorporating the same inlays that are on your doors into stairwells and railings. This flow will bring compliments and envy from all of your visitors.