Leaving a house unoccupied for winter might bring a lot of anxiety, from not knowing whether you disconnected your appliances to wondering whether your doors will withstand the harsh elements.

This is why we’ve put together this guide on what you need to do before leaving your house for a winter vacation!

The Importance of Preparing Your Home for the Winter

When you prepare for a vacation, you usually worry about typical things like disconnecting appliances and locking your doors properly.

However, a winter vacation requires more preparation. Winter is a lot more unforgiving, so it is essential to prepare your home for when you’re away.

4 Steps for Preparing Your Home for Winter

Preparing home for winter

Here are the things to do before a vacation in winter:

1. Empty Your Fridge

Food can go off, even inside the fridge, and the smell it produces can contaminate your home and give you a terrible surprise when you return.

That’s why it’s always important to empty your fridge and unplug it if possible. Throw away every perishable in your home or give it to someone that needs it.

2. Get Your Home Ready for the Harsh Elements

Winter brings many problems that your home will have to endure for months. Snow, extreme cold, and heavy rain can all damage your property, which is why it’s necessary to get it ready for the harsh elements.

Before leaving your home for a winter vacation, it’s a good idea to check your roofs and determine whether they need restoration so that the winter won’t damage them further.

Additionally, traditional wooden doors won’t provide the same endurance that a thermally broken wrought iron door can offer. Iron doors are designed to withstand any climate, from extremely hot to freezing cold.

3. Protect Your House

You probably won’t be home for quite a long time, so you won’t be able to keep an eye on your home’s security. If you think your house is at risk when on winter vacation, adding better security should be a priority before leaving.

Wrought iron security doors and gates provide the best protection for your home while acting as a deterrent against thieves and burglars.

Wrought iron doors for security can protect your home. Furthermore, you can gain enhanced curb appeal, better durability, and a timeless design that will last for generations.

4. Turn Your Water Off and Unplug Most Appliances

It is vital to prevent any problems with frozen pipes and wires. This is why we recommend unplugging every electrical appliance if you are going away on vacation. You should also do the same for the water supply. Turn off the water in the bathrooms, kitchen, and other parts of your home and blow out the pipes or have a professional do it in case you lose heat while you’re gone. That way, you can prevent flooding, freezing, or short circuits, which can damage your property and possessions.

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