If your garage door is old and no longer provides security for you and your family, it might be time to replace it. There are many options on the market. However, a wrought iron garage door should be your go-to choice if you are looking for ultimate protection. We’ll take an in-depth look at taking accurate measurements for a new garage door.

5 Steps to Correctly Measure Your Garage Door

How do you measure for a new garage door? Follow these easy steps!

Step 1: Measure the Height

The first step is to measure the height of the garage door you want to replace. You can use a tape measure and stretch it from the lowest to your garage door’s highest point. Write down this measurement.

Step 2: Measure the Width

The next step is to measure the width or horizontal length of the garage door. You should again use a tape measure from one edge of the door to the other. Try to measure from different parts of the garage door to ensure you are getting an accurate reading. Write these measurements down as well.

Step 3: Measure the Sidewalls

Now it is time to measure the space to the right and left of the garage door, known as the sidewalls. It is important to note any obstructions the installation team should know about before replacing the door. Keep an eye open for any wires and other similar elements that need to be removed or replaced.

Step 4: Measure the Top Wall

The next step to accurately measure a new garage door is to measure the top wall or ceiling. It is the area from the opening of the garage door to the rear of the garage. Pay attention to any obstructions that will need to be removed to replace the door.

Step 5: Measure Between the Opening and Rear of the Garage

Finally, it is time to measure the headroom. This is the space between the door opening and the garage ceiling. It is important to measure this area to determine which type of garage door you’ll need. For example, wood garage doors generally need more headroom than other kinds.

Tips for Accurate Measuring

Iron garagedoor

These are some aspects to consider before measuring your garage door:

  • Ensure the floor is level before measuring. Uneven floors will give you an inaccurate reading of the measurements.
  • Patch any holes in your garage door, especially if they are large. Holes can make it more challenging to get accurate measurements.
  • Verify the electrical outlet is available for door use. Otherwise, you won’t be able to operate your garage door.
  • Ensure nothing will obstruct door operation while you try to get the measurements.

Tip: It is better not to do the measurements alone, as you might need someone to help you with the measuring tape.

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