Renting out a vacation home is an excellent way to make passive income. However, you need to offer a comfortable home to make money from your vacation rental. Luckily, there are some updates you can make to your vacation home to make it more appealing.

The 5 Best Vacation Rental Upgrades

Modern bathroom in a classic room

Here is the best vacation home advice to make your rentals stand out!

1. Rental Bathroom Upgrades

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your vacation home. Repainting your bathroom walls and upgrading the finishings can make a significant change. However, you can add new towels and candles to create a relaxing spa-like space.

2. Update Your Kitchen

Similarly, the kitchen is essential to any successful vacation rental. Wooden flooring can help your kitchen feel warmer and more inviting. Additionally, a new backsplash and modern fittings can give your kitchen a contemporary feel.

3. Switch Up Your Decor

Changing the decor of your vacation home improves its overall welcoming feeling. You can replace old items with something more modern. Or, you can go the opposite direction and add traditional and warmer decorative elements to make your space feel homier.

Adding some artwork can also be extremely helpful in this situation, as long as it fits your home’s overall style and color scheme.

4. Play Around with Bedroom Ideas

Driveway Outdoor Wrought Iron Gate

The master bedroom is also important to consider when updating your vacation home. Replacing old bedding, for instance, is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to renew your master bedroom. You can also change the lighting for a more neutral color or something warmer.

5. Enhance Your Curb Appeal

The front of your vacation home is essential to its appeal. We recommend installing an attractive iron front door to improve your curb appeal. You might even update your landscaping and add gates to section off your front yard and make it pop.

Furthermore, don’t forget the importance of your garage. Installing a frameless garage door can provide easy storage space access and enhance your curb appeal.

Why Should You Choose an Iron or Glass Garage Door for Your Vacation Home?

Vail frameless glass garage door

Iron and glass garage doors are some of the best options for vacation homes because you can use them in any location. These doors can withstand different hot and cold weather conditions while helping your home remain insulated and energy-efficient.

Glass and iron garage doors can keep your property secure and block out noise from other vacationers. Plus, they can transform your exterior into a modern and attractive focal point.

Find the Best Exterior Doors for Beach Houses with Universal Iron Doors

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