The rustic look is a timeless concept that offers a sense of coziness and closeness with nature. Use the following tips to give your house a truly wilderness-inspired look.

Use Earthy, Muted Colors

Start by creating a rustic atmosphere with natural, earthy colors of paint, siding, and décor. Earthy browns, greens, neutrals, and muted hues are perfect choices for both exterior and interior features. If you’re not a fan of browns and grays, you could also go with a rustic barn red, an autumn burnt orange, or any number of traditional farmhouse shades. You may be able to make even bold, modern shades look rustic with the right coordinating details.

Opt for Natural Materials

Using naturally occurring materials both inside and outside your home is an easy way to make any house rustic. If you’re building a new house or remodeling an existing one, consider choosing decorative exterior materials like cedar siding or natural stone. Inside, fill your home with natural touches of stone and wood where appropriate. Natural, minimally finished wood cabinetry and furniture is a great place to start.

Choose Rustic Decor

wooden house looking outside to terrace

The rustic look is all about the little details! Wherever possible, try to bring that natural, outdoorsy charm into your home and yard. Outside, think about things like wooden porch swings, handmade wreaths, real kerosene lanterns, and other details that give your home the look and feel of a woodsman’s cabin. Indoors, decorate with found nature objects and/or landscape artwork.

Plant Decorative Trees and Shrubs

One of the easiest ways to achieve a rustic look is to actively add more nature! Look into what kinds of plants will grow well in your region, as well as what will give your home the look you’re going for. Make sure you’ll be able to take care of the plants properly and that they won’t cause any new problems (e.g., attracting unwanted pests, producing smelly fruit, out-competing existing plants). With the right additions, you might even increase your property value!

Add Custom Iron Front Doors

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that all rustic homes have to look like plain little cottages and cabins covered in nothing but wood and stone. Metal, too, is a natural element, and the right kinds can be used to create gorgeous details that fit right in with the outdoor aesthetic. Specifically, a custom-made iron front door is a great way to add both utility and rustic beauty to your home.

Whether you choose a simplistic design reminiscent of a farmhouse gate or an elegant design with decorative iron scrolls, flowers, and leaves, an iron door can serve as a central, eye-catching feature of your nature-inspired home. Plus, its heavy-duty durability allows you to keep your home safe and secure on even the most remote wooded lots.

We Can Help You Complete Your Rustic Home

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