Where it comes to adding class and timeless elegance to your home, french doors most definitely fit the bill, but where it comes to securing them, extra precautions need to be taken. Their hinges, panes of glass, and high visibility can all make them a quick and easy entry option for burglars. However, don’t give up on this beautiful feature before checking out these many ways to make iron french doors more secure.

Glass at a Glance

Glass may look like a delicate material—but, depending on the type you choose, appearances can be deceiving. Thick tempered glass is heavy, which makes it a good option for iron double doors—but, unfortunately, it can still be easily broken. Instead, consider glass that’s impact-resistant. This product can withstand the force of a hurricane without breaking. You don’t have to live in a hurricane-prone area to reap this benefit, which is bad news for burglars but good news for you.

Heed Those Hinges

The location of the hinges on your beautiful french doors may be making it much easier for someone to break in. How can you tell? If your french doors swing away from a room, their hinges are on the outside, complete with their easily removable pins.

This is a very easy fix; simply switch your hinges from the outside to the inside. If this isn’t possible, security hinges are available in stud, screw, and non-removable pin styles. If you’ve also installed impact-resistant glass, congratulations—you’ve just improved your home’s security, big time.

Level Up on Your Locks

Many homeowners have deadbolts on their iron exterior doors, but french doors require something different. The mortise lock offers a high degree of security. Unlike a deadbolt, which only requires a turn of the knob to lock it from the inside and a key to unlock it from the outside, a mortise lock requires a key on both sides. What’s more, once a mortise lock has been locked, it’s not able to be reopened unless you have a key.

An Alarming Option

Although you may not have considered it, installing a security alarm can go a long way toward preventing a break-in, and the best thing about these systems is that they don’t have to be expensive or inconvenient. One example is the vibration sensor alarm, which consists of sensors that are installed on the glass of your french doors. You’ll be alerted by a chime whenever someone tries to enter.

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Another alarm option is the door wedge. Placed under each french door, wedge alarms also use a chime to alert you to unexpected entry. Today’s smart home security technology also means that you can manage these alarms using just your smartphone.

Now that you’re aware of the many options for securing your french doors, it’s time to reap all of their benefits. Want customizable french doors for your home? Call Universal Iron Doors. All of our products are crafted in a wide range of metal, entry, and interior styles using 150 years of blacksmithing experience:  818-771-1003.